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Sassafras better then MDMA by far in my opinion.

I got about 300 mg of MDA from my buddy "Baby Jesus", thats his nick name by the way. I had never tried MDA up until this point so i was very excited, even if i would have preferred LSD at the time.

Anyway he told me to only take 100 mg because it was much stronger then MDMA but honestly i was more interested in tripping then just having a pleasant roll. Little did i know that MDA was significantly more psychedelic then MDMA.

I dropped the full 300 mg in a tissue paper bomb with water on an empty stomach. it was around 5:30 pm when i dropped it and i had my window open to casually smoke my bong and feel the cool of winter. i knew i would probably get very hot soon anyways. I had also been drinking water all day so i was confident that id have at least a decent roll.

30 minutes in i felt awake, no more couch lock from my weed. i was happy but not high. i was starting to feel a little let down honestly, but i decided to put on some music (Cant remember what but i listen to literally everything). 

a good 15 minutes after that it was like each instrument in the song i was listening too turned devine one at a time. it became perfect, flawless. I felt the music, and i saw the vibrations ever so slight in the air. i was shocked at the intensity. colors sparkled and made me smile. Time slowed and i lost interest in even keeping track of time as i danced in my seat listening to everything from the Beatles to dub step. MDMA, LSD, Shrooms.. you name it, nothing makes music as beautiful and alive as high doses of MDA.

about an hour in a half in the visuals became very apparent. i had cheap floral curtains and they seemed to grow in length, touch the floor, and then shrink back to normal size. when i closed my eyes i saw totally unique visuals that almost looked like iridescent spheres all inter woven similar in structure to a fly's eye. what was strange was that the COV's changed depending on where i turned my head as though when i closed my eyes i was in a 2d sphere world of a reddish yellowish hue. 

throughout the trip i found my self regularly switching from intense emotions of laughter and happiness, so happy that i was brought to tears just thinking about how lucky i was to be alive. and by the end of this 5 hour trip the residual effects where surprisingly pleasant. for the next two days i got restful sleep and woke up feeling as though i had already had 6 cups of coffee, but no jitters or grinding teeth or paranoia. 

My first MDA trip moved me and changed how i looked at my self about as much as my first LSD trip. though be warned 100 mg IS THE DOSE. Some of my friends have vomited on 100 Mgs so use this stuff responsibly IF you where to use it.  

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