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First Trip - 2g psilocybe cubensis

"i wish everyone could feel this"

Hey guys, I just had my first trip yesterday and I felt the need to describe my experience to others who have had the experience before. I tried explaining what I felt to friends who had never done shrooms before, and it is such a lost cause because there is simply no way to understand until you have felt it yourself.

I did a lot of research before I made the decision to try shrooms for the first time, and thanks to sites like this one I was very prepared. At around 10:00am yesterday, me and my friend at college ingested the 2g of shrooms each. The setting was my dorm room, which I selected because both me and my friend are very familiar and comfortable with it. It was a beautiful day out so I had the windows open and upbeat music blasting. I was anxious because there was so much anticipation going into this, but I was ready and excited.

Right after we ingested the shrooms, we smoked a bowl. After that (about 10 minutes later), we turned on the Nintendo 64 and played Super Smash Bros. as we waited for the effects to kick in. In the middle of the first (and only) match, we noticed we were doing absolutely TERRIBLE and getting destroyed by the computers. By this time I knew something was happening. By the end of the match, the body high hit me and my friend like a fucking freight train. I was NOT expecting that, but it wasn't a bad thing at all. I just felt so weighed down and tired.

At this point we were like "Alright, no way in hell are we playing this game anymore." There was no way we would have the focus for it. I went over to my bed which is near the window and laid down, waiting for the effects to kick in more. My friend pulled up a chair near the window with me. I looked at the lights in the room and noticed that they were especially pink. I wasn't sure if this was the shrooms or if the lights were always this way. I ended up just staring at the ceiling because the lights were making a fascinating pattern on it. I was obsessed with it. This was when I really knew I was starting to trip.

One thing I noticed big time while I was tripping was that it was IMPOSSIBLE to put what I was thinking into words. For example, I was trying to explain to my friend that I wanted to go to a concert, but it was a PROCESS. This was when the euphoria and crazy laughter started. My friend and I were laughing hysterically at anything and everything. I was starting to feel amazing.

We just sat in that same spot near the window listening to music from 11:00am to 2:00pm. Normally we would get bored of this after like maybe a half hour but this was by far the most peaceful three hours of my life. There was nothing I would rather be doing than just listen to the amazing playlist we prepared and look out this window into the great view we had. One thing I remember saying over and over again was that I wished everyone could experience this feeling. I said I genuinely felt bad for the people who would never get to experience this feeling in their lifetime. Every time I try to explain it to someone I describe it as pure joy. Just pure peace and understanding of everything.

One thing I noticed was that I felt like I knew everything about everything, yet at the same time I knew nothing. Very hard thing to describe, so I hope you guys can at least somewhat understand what I mean. Another thing that was interesting was that I was aware of EVERYTHING going on around me. My friend was talking but I wasn't paying attention, yet I still knew what he was saying and understood it completely. I was also tuned into everything going on outside the window, the amazing music, the TV, everything. It was amazing. And whenever me and my friend talked, it was like we had telepathy. Neither of us could explain in words that made sense what we were feeling, yet we understood each other 100%.

At one point I spilt water on my shirt and felt it with my hand and it felt unbelievable! So strange. I poured more water on myself because I wanted to feel it again. Then I looked at my hand and thought it was just the weirdest looking thing. Visuals started kicking in here, but they weren't anything crazy. 

Around 2:00pm we smoked again then went to the beach, which is normally like a 5-7 minute walk but it felt like HOURS. As soon as we walked outside, we realized that the school was doing this "Color Run 5K" that they do every year. We completely forgot this was going on, so we were overwhelmed by the amount of people at first. But then some acquaintances and other friendly faces ran past us and gave us hello's. This made me feel so happy. Everyone seemed like they were having a great time outside and this was contagious. I felt SO happy because everyone else seemed happy. It was a truly remarkable feeling.

Once we got to the beach we sat down, turned on some music, and just quietly stared out into everything that was in sight. Seagulls, ducks, rocks, water, the sky (it was a cloudy day which actually made it even more amazing). I was FASCINATED with the ducks. They eventually swam to shore and I was hoping so much that they would approach us. Of course, they never did but I fuckin loved these ducks man. My friend told me he got some crazy visuals around this time. I didn't, but I did notice that EVERYTHING had so much detail, from the rocks to the water, I could see everything. The ripples in the water were so defined.

We spent a half hour at the beach before we headed back to the room, but our experience at the beach felt like ages. Time was definitely distorted at this point. The only reason we left the beach was because I had to piss so so bad and I was starting to get really cold so those two factors were kind of killing my trip. So once we got back to the room we started coming down a bit. We were very relaxed, maybe a bit tired. Still aware of anything and everything, senses were still overloaded. Basically still felt on top of the world. We smoked once we got back from the beach then just went back to listening to music and relaxing as the trip came to an end. I felt so exhausted afterward, but I was so satisfied with this day. I immediately texted my best friend from home and declared the day "the most 'peaceful' day of my life"

There was so much more that was discussed during the trip. I definitely left out some details but this was just the main stuff. Probably the biggest things I kept bringing up during the trip were how I wished everyone could have that feeling of pure bliss, and I also kept obsessing over how amazing emotion is. I was sooo amazed by how basically everything in life boils down to emotion. I loved emotion so much because it is one of the only things in this life that is real. I hope that makes sense. I also vowed to be a lot more helpful toward others who might not have the same opportunities as the more fortunate in life. I was extremely empathetic during this trip. I think this experience has made me into a more understanding, empathetic, and optimistic individual.

Thanks everyone who reads this. Let me know if you have any questions about anything. I feel like answering questions would be much easier than trying to explain every detail on my own.

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