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ah, thats better

so me and my friend gobble up some boomers because my mom left for a few hours.

so me and my friend gobble up some boomers because my mom left for a few hours. We decided that if we heard her car we would run out of the house without her seeing. After 20 minutes we usually smoke about a gram of herb to start hallucinating. we were watching my blue carpet turn into different colors when she walks in out of the blue. i should have known we wouldn't have heard her come in. I panicked for a moment but i am very experienced. She closed the door right away because the session, what a relief,it gets better! My friend said lets chill, i said lets get the hell out of here.We were behing my garage while i was watching the gravel bubble. we walked around the block and she still didn't leave. then we got dehydrated. we started licking drops of water coming out from my neighbors hose like dogs. we decided to take a journey to the store. On the way my friend was licking water off cars and grass. i kept the smile, my friend was wigging. he kept saying how he was going to pass out. 4 blocks later i felt it, i almost fell. i had been swallowing nothing for some time now. I was so terrified of passing out from dehydration while shroomin balls. for the next block we went nuts. i walked in the gas station like a mad man went to the fridge grabbed some water and started jugging. i burst out laughing, quickly threw some money on the counter and split.

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