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First Trip :)

First Trip :)

So I would like to share my first experience with Shrooms. I had been wanting to do shrooms for years but was always too scared to take the plunge until recently, it was easily one of the best decisions I have ever made. I started out taking 1.5 grams. As soon as I took them I was overwhelmed with fear thinking that I was going to start seeing shit that wasn't there and thought the world around me was going to transform into something hellish. I panicked at first but about 20 minutes later I felt the first kick and felt this feeling of total relaxation. After I had calmed down feelings of pure happiness filled my mind and I was soon able to think about things completely different. I could only focus on what was truly important in life which was being happy and helping others be happy. I couldn't understand why anyone would ever say anything mean to anyone else and really felt the urge to be a better person and help people. After all of this my friends and I decided to make our way outside to the dock outside my house which is on a nice calm lake. The water was as calm as a mirror and the entire world was reflected in the water just slightly distorted, at this point I really started to feel them kick in, I looked up at the sky and felt this overwhelming feeling of fear at first but at the same time happiness and amazement at how much space was in between me and the clouds. I could not get over how beautiful they were, after admiring how 3D they looked I looked at the wood grain on the dock as it started to really pop and it started to almost flow like a river. The bushes were starting to movie in and out as if they were breathing. After sitting down on the dock appreciating all of the beautiful trees, my sober friends decided to go back inside. It was really hard for me and my other friend on shrooms to leave the beauty although we wanted to go and take more so we had a tough time deciding on what to do, we started to walk up to the house but instead stopped half way inbetween the house and the dock just as if we wanted to be exactly inbetween the two at the same time. we stoped and looked at everything and studied the plants. Once we got back inside it seemed like being inside was disgusting compared to the beauty of nature. We ate another gram and decided to go out and enjoy the sunset as it dipped over the mountain. shortly after the sun fell the full moon took its place in the sky and the night sky was lit up brightly, the other gram had just hit and I could see rainbow hues of colour around the moon and across the night sky. I live out in the country side so there is just the odd light across the lake but no artificial light other than that really, just the light from the stars and moon, as we walked through to forest trail towards a nearby park, we stopped and looked at all of these farm houses just on the edge of the forest and I thought to myself that that was the perfect example of man and nature cohabitating together, the house seemed to look like it belonged on the cover of a book it was so beautiful. One of our friends was drinking and he seemed really obnoxious to the two of us on shrooms, we stopped calling him by his name and started calling him alcohol, like Woah calm down alcohol no need to be violent as he talked about how he wanted to fight people. we walked by a house with an aggressive sounding dog and he was getting mad at it thinking he was going to have to fight it off when we were like chill alcohol the dog is just doing its job and letting its owner know there are people nearby.

We finally made it to the park, the moon was so bright and the lights from the houses lit a golden trails across the water, the moon lit up a giant golden sparkly path that looked so majestic. We had brought a frisby that we had taped glowsticks to and played frisby at the park until the shrooms wore off and then walked home and talked about how awesome it was.

If I would describe shrooms in one word it would be clarity. I hope this wasn't too much of a rant thanks for reading :)

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