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First shroom and first MDMA trip at once.

My experience describing the first time I ever did shrooms and ever did MDMA which happened to be at the same time.

Before I start, I'll explain that I had never done any drugs really. Except some marijuana, occasionally.. and I mean very occasionally. Less than a dozen times. And I did a very small amount of blow when I was backpacking through Asia. Other than those 2 drugs, nothing illegal. I had just started talking to this girl, who happened to do MDMA a lot which I wasn't sure I was comfortable ever doing, but I had always been interested in trying shrooms, which I knew that she could get. My best friend was also interested in trying shrooms and what ever else he could get his hands on. I had just gotten out of a long term relationship (Harshly) and was looking to try some new stuff. Which included traveling the world, sex with strangers that I don't know their name, and eventually some new psychedelics and mood enhancers. 

After talking to this girl for about a week. I convinced her to get me some MDMA caps for me and my friend, and told her I was an advid shroom user (Because she wouldn't have let me do them both at once) so that I could try my first hippyflipp. So me and my friend took the hour long trip to her place to do MDMA, which we had to drive around the city to obtain. Once back at her house we took the caps, and walked to her friends house to get the shrooms. I think it was about 5-6 grams of no name shrooms. Assuming something like B or Golden Teachers, since it was very cheap. Once we had the shrooms and were back at her house, my best friend and this new girl we met started to peak already. I was still completely sober. This is about an hour and a half since we popped the MDMA. 2 hours pass, they are already coming down and cycling. I'm still completely sober, no dilated pupils at all, no feeling. I decided to eat what I guessed was half the bag of shrooms, chewing them up to a paste (tasted way worse than I expected, considering I enjoy regular mushrooms.) At which point I tell this girl that I had never taken either, but I was frustrated that my MDMA was doing absolutely nothing.

20 minitues or more pass by again, still completely sober, I had not even eaten much that day, (just a small wrap from A&W). I tested my reflexes by solving a rubiks cube, (I speed cube as a hobby, so this is normal for me to do while trying to pass time, just scramble and solve a cube in about 30 seconds average.) It took me slightly longer than usual, maybe 40 second. But my hands were cold and I had not practiced at all that day. So probably average. I decided to smoke a bowl of pot (which really irritates my lungs, and I regretted it for the next 3 days, because my lungs get infected from smoke.) Literally like 2 minutes after I put the pipe down. Feeling a normal high, I started to get disoriented. I went from Sober to tripping balls in a split second. Faster than I could snap my fingers the entire room turned purple, and it was all different shades of purple, in the pattern of large blocks on the wall, like a game of snake the blocks would move around the room. I did not expect this and was in awe, and my friends are staring at my like I'm about to have a seizure because of my pure amazement of the door. Both of my friends are coming down, and the new girl we met decided to take shrooms, (my best friend was too afraid for some reason, and was just enjoying his first MDMA trip).

I instantly HAD to go online and play pacman. I felt like this was mandatory, my patterns did not work as I recall on this online version and I quickly got bored of the computer and just took in the entire room. I went to turn the lights off, and as soon as I did, a sudden warmth came over me. It was to this day, the weirdest feeling I'v ever had, since I know now and then, that the lights going off should have done the exact opposite effect. But I quickly asked my friends if they felt that, they did so I'm assuming it was the MDMA that was producing different sensations.

I had to sit down for awhile, and drank some water. This girl had at least 50 posters on her walls, varying from large to tiny. Most of them should have been terrifying, since they were all staring at me, but I had it set in my mind that I could not have a bad trip, and that literally anything that happened I would just ignore it, because I knew there was nothing I could do about it. Which I'm glad I said that to my self, because my mind was really trying to fuck with my a couple hours later. When the girl went down stairs, my best friend decided it would be funny to pretend to have a seizure infront of me. (I am not afraid of seizures because I work with people who have them on a daily biases almost. And I know there is not a lot you can do about it, and once it is started, there is nothing you can do really. Because if he had a real seizure, it would be over by the time we got him help.) So he is seizing, and I'm just staring, in amazement. He doesn't stop, which starts to worry me.. and then about a minute later, stops and gets upset that I didn't help him. I explained my reasoning to him and he understood.

For the next little while, I stare at the posters of Leonardo de caprio on the wall, which are bleeding and have the cheesy X marks over his eyes, my best friend has been staring out the window for as long as I can remember. And tells me someone is steeling my car, I don't believe him until I actually see a bunch of black guys around my car, and then hear a car driving away. But I remembered, my car is a piece of shit, and I really don't care if it's stolen, insurance will pay it off. So I sit back down, and get a really bad feeling like someone just died in the house, and this is when my trip starts to suck. I start getting anxious and wanting it to end, because I think there is people being murdered downstairs, and my best friend makes it worse, because he is freaking out, and having a bad trip and tells me to hide, just as the new girl walks in, and my best friend gives me a weird look,so I start thinking this girl is a murderer. I'm tripping balls. And freaking the fuck out inside and try to act cool. What makes it even worse is, because it is so dark, I can hardly see this girl, and she looks like some old lady. 

She invited a couple friends over, and I calmed down when I realized my car was still outside, and no one got killed. And my friend was just being a dick head. But the new friends she invited over, I felt so connected to. I could have swore on my life at the time that I saw this guy somewhere. Like I use to work with him, or I saw him on the news. I just couldnt' pin it. I realize now that he was just a no body that worked at a video game store, never did anything remarkable for me to know him. But I talked for hours to him, trying to figure out how I knew him. Ironically, he was going to school for a very similar job that I had at the time, which includes a lot of helping disabled people of various degrees. So we got along well, throwing out different terms and theories that no one else in the room could understand. 

It was when they left that I started to feel like there was a plot going on, in the dark room it looked like this girl and my friend were exchanging looks, like they were going to carry out a plan or something. When I finally said something, they both said they were feeling the exact same way, so I calmed down a bit, obviously it was the drugs. I had to work the next day, it was only about 1 am, but I was coming down and my head was pounding, I was tired, but couldn't sleep. This girl insisted on sleeping next to me, even though I had told her numerous time I was not interested in her type. But I eventually let her. i laid there for literally about 5 hours, before everyone finally spoke up and said that we  just can't sleep. My friend was feeling uncomfortable for some reason, thinking that we were messing around or something, so he just left the room. Which made me uncomfortable having this crazy bitch next to me alone. She ended up just giving me head. I kinda felt back because I didn't want to get involved with her, although she was a hot blonde, she was a bisexual whore from what I'v heard. And wasn't going to stick my dick in crazy. When I sobered up me and my friend drove home. I couldn't sleep for like 2 days. I'll never do MDMA again. But shrooms, of course. ;)

One thing I forgot to mention, although it was a huge visual experience, I couldn't remember where in the time line it fit, after some thinking I remember exactly what happened. I was sitting on the bed against the wall upstairs, and this girls friends that had come over were eating dry noodles from a bag, but they did not like the seasoning that came in it, so they ate them plain (which is fucking weird now that I think of it. But whatever, each to their own.) Anyway, they threw the flavor bag passed my face at the wall, and I thought it was a green fire ball and flipped the fuck out.
About 5 seconds later, a very loud car or motorcycle drove by, and I thought it was a lawn mower, and I could see it go through the wall since it was the size of a car. That took me awhile to calm down from. Honestly all the people dying in the posters what was really my serenity, and my safe place to go to. If I felt afraid or nervous, I'd just spend 10 or 20 minutes looking at the posters, and I'd feel okay again. Like nothing had happened. Now that I think of it, it was kinda fucked up. But at the time I think it was just being so focused on something that I know isn't real. Like a piece of paper on the wall. I know that it was there to begin with, and it made me feel comfort knowing my sanity was still there, that I could still recognize it as a poster. 

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