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many attempted trips, dissapointing. HELP.

OK, so I am a 16 year old male. I have done 25i nbome 10 times; 2 of which I dropped 2 tabs and the rest just one tab. BTW this chemical is supposively very similar to acid but lasts shorter. Most of the times if dropped it was mostly a body high along with the craziest thoughts.....but not really any visuals!!! Besides from patterns, enhanced detail and occasional tracers, nothing. I don't even think colors were THAT brighter or different, but maybe I just didn't realize......idk.  To add to the problem, I didn't even trip a few times i'v dropped. So.......recently I decided to try shrooms, after not tripping for half a year. I supposedly bought an eigth, but might of been ripped off just a bit. I weighed it with the bag but didn't know exactly how much the bag was so it was defiantly at least 3 grams, maybe I didn't even get ripped off it could of been an eigth. *IT CONSISTED OF MOSTLY STEMSTEMS AND 1 OR 2 CAPS.* The shrooms were dry. I grounded up half of it and let it soak in lemon juice for half an hour(lemon tek). Drank that, 10 mins later ate the other half, the rest of the eigth. I went to these woods near a dam with my friends, who werent tripping bhtbhigh from marijuana. My trip was pretty much only a body high. I felt one with nature and don't get me wrong, it was an awesome body high but......no visuals.....except for detail and pattern enhancements. No colors, tracers,aliens, little dwarfs or elves..... Nothing like that..... Very dissapointing along with the rest of my acid trips.  I smoked weed after I came down after about 3 hours. My trip did NOT come back and I didn't even get high...... It wasn't shitty weed and I don't have a high tolerance-as I used to. ANY TIPS, ADVICE, INFO, ETC? Very much appreciated. I am very uncertain as to why I have not gotten the full blown mushroom experience. Should I give it another go? Same dose? Different connection? Feel free to leave any comment as long as it is beneficial or helpful to me!!!!

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