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Ego death and rebirth, first lemon tek experience and first trip in nature.

All I can say is... Wow...

Yesterday after about 2 and a half years without tripping I bought and eighth and decided to give the lemon tek a try I got home busted the shrooms up by hand (didn't have a grinder) added the lemon juice and stirred for approximately 30-40 minutes. I drank up and chewed the remaining bits of mushrooms and swallowed. After that I left my house to go off into the woods, planning on meditating (that did not happen.)

By the time I got there I was starting to feel the effects a little bit, giddiness, relaxation ect. I tried to meditate but I found it was too difficult. As they were really starting to hit me hard I laid my head back on  a log and  began to laugh, as everything began to warp and shimmer I felt as if I was becoming one with the forest and everything just started melting away. I started to pick up sticks and began to snap them apart, I think this was representative of reality coming apart piece by piece and  as I was doing this I couldn't get over the feeling of just touching these sticks and leaves, ect. It felt absolutely amazing. My vision began to split apart into two "realities" one was the physical reality, what we normally perceive as "reality" the other was the subtle reality, the reality that we cannot perceive with our two eyes but can only access with our third eye. Between these two realities the visuals began to form. Lots of sacred geometry, faces in trees, eyes, ect. I saw what was reminiscent of pagan symbolism, and felt that I was not alone but that the "mushroom spirits" were there with me, telepathically communicating and guiding me on my journey, I kept getting this intense tingle that started at my head and ran down through my side this was accompanied by an intense euphoria and I felt as if these spirits were toucjhonf me every time it would happen. I began to realize that what we perceive as reality is only a mere fraction of  what is really there. I also realized that I was one with everything and one with the universe, I WAS the universe., I was everything and yet my physical self was only just a part of it all. As this was happening I was actually talking and I vaguely remember some of what I said, mostly nonsensical things like "I'M A TREE" and other gibberish. There were points in the trip where reality had completely faded away and I was just "there" experiencing the universe. A  couple times I got up and tried to go deeper in the woods but gave up as I remembered how hats walking was when I was tripping that hard. People started showing up and whenever they would walk by I would panic and tried to avoid looking at them  I just felt as though I needed to be alone, far away from anything.

As I started to think that the peak was over I started to walk home planning on smoking some weed. It took me a very long time to navigate my way out of the woods and once I was out I remember stumbling and feeling as though every step I took made the  earth rattle I tried to avoid looking at anyone as this would make me panic a little bit so whenever I saw someone coming my way I would cross the street to avoid them, the houses looked like something out of Alice in wonderland  and the sidewalk was glowing many different colours. Once I got home I began to freak out. I crawled into my bed under the covers sweating profusely and felt like I was dying. I began to hyperventilate but I kept telling myself "relax everything is going to be okay, they are doing this for you, once it's over you will realize." After a while I pulled myself out of it and went outside to smoke some weed. I didn't have much but I took 2 tokes. Afterwards I went back to my room and laid down. I felt physically and mentally drained but was still tripping pretty hard although I was coming down. I also felt reborn and during the entire comedown I kept saying "wow.... wow.... wow...." Like a broken record. It was as if this was the only word I knew. For the rest of the day until I finally fell asleep I could still feel some of the effects and even today I still mentally feel  different. I'm not sure how long I actually tripped for because of how intense the distortion of time was but the actual trip was probably about 4 or 5 hours. I have done much larger doses before (up to 9 grams) but I feel like this was the strongest trip I've had to date so far.

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