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A recap update.

So with my uses of these substances. I feel normal. Although The "normal" feeling has taken A month to several weeks to assimilate normal function from having a night times job. The variable in this could be the upcoming spring weather. Scattered my thinking is quite. But I just have so much to say. Its been about 5 months using LSZ and AL LAD with NBOH once. Nboh caused the largest disturbance but resulted in very vivid dreams every single night.  

I got the guts to write this because I still want to update it when im on death bed. Or even if I reach it. To explain what I think are the health outcomes of these substances. Cigarettes have been a topic of the psychedelic experience. Asking most if they secede smoking them. I get a better rational to quit now. I feel like I'm almost there or that I can quit when the time is right. I do get headaches from smoking them. And quit for a couple days. Will my rational be death or continuing pain to stop? haha* I want to smoke pot. And only Pot.  

Every time almost Except for my beginnings I didn't use Nitrous Oxide during my trips. I think it takes me so , so , so far into the experience. But when coming awake from the effects of the N20 its like I'm not tripping. N20 eases my come ups also. Body load and anxiety. 

As for my headaches I don't know if they are Cancers, or Enlarging blood vessels. Or growing brain matter. I thought I saw my forehead becoming rounder at the corners. But that could have been my testosterone boosters and feeling from the day.

At these lengths I've been going through in my endeavours for a high, I am on a required sobriety from government trouble. My "" sobriety has taken me aback. About what substances are there effects on my growing culture and the behavioral activity of my growing self. What a wonder that these substances have found me at such a colloquial time. 

Before I get way from topic. As of now I am more engaging. More extroverted. My body has even taken a better tone and I look more massy. Who knows what this could all really be an effect of or what its contributing factors are. Will continue and I may consume more substances and report more effects. I don't feel demented. I have the natural forgetfulness a human man has. Some insatiable feelings from eating to sexing. One day perhaps I can reflect on all this an wonder if It was me or the drugs. And compound a conclusion. 

Thank you shroomery! I don't remember how I found you but I know everyday you are apart of this fractal. To everyone that is like me Thank you. I am thankful for this information and grouping here and that experiences like mine can be written and saved. So there, I think any should ask themselves what they are doing to themselves and what is going on. 

To years to come and to tell my mind, Long live the shroomery.

Sincerely, Caddilac(* SWIM

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