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A short tale. Further results ahead.

I've mainly been sober for the last 3/4 of the year from marijuana and stimulant cocaine cut with various unknown substances. I have not done any coke cut w/ VUS for about a year, it will totally be a year I think today. I have smoked Marijuana only at least 3 to 4 times. However since the end of last year I have been using Psychedelics relativly hard. Mainly Research Chemicals. I've done 5 150mcg LSZ in 4 experiences. First about 75mcg, 2nd about 225mcg. 3rd 300mcg 4th 150 mcg. Hoever in between my first and lst 4th LSZ trip. I took AL LAD 3 times. 1st about 150 mcg, 2nd about 150mcg 3 about 300 mcg. And after my 3rd AL LAD to 4th LSZ exposure before my 5th LSZ experience I took NBOH 25i. 1mg. All but the first 2 AL LAD trips and the 1st two LSZ exposures were all avoid of Nitrous gas inductions; which ranged from 150 to 200 chargers on an AL LAD transition to LSZ trip. With at least 60 N20 Chargers parading the NBOH use. I smoked Marijuana time 2 or 3 on the 4th LSZ experience and felt a tremendous body load. I even felt nauseous. But managed that with N20. 25i NBOH generally felt toxic and felt especially with some N20 chargers. Since my NBOH trial I my ciracdian rythem has wanted to revert to a normal day span, space, from my lengths working a 4PM to 1AM job back to day time as the spring arises. Sometimes though as I am still in the lengths of the Night time job insomnia occurs and the wakeful period changes around the work schedule.  

After effects; None worth noted to be dangerous or extreme with AL LAD and LSZ exposure when even combined but have not tested that twice combined or vice versa. Some tiredness. In the cloud of the mind, desires for energy drinks, recovery followed by enhanced cognitive perception, some body mass index, even after NBOH 25i. 
However worth noting to be on the verge of dangerous and extreme were the 25i after/side affects. Mild lethargy. Lethargy to a point of good wakefulness but what seemed to be approaching narcolepsy. but rather seemed to be a hormonal rebalancing or fatigue to rest in the wakefull times of use in long periods of efect. A definate enhancment of sleeping dreams. 
Once a Maca root pill was taken and tiredness followed. This was after the first initial week of 25i exposure. Tiredness followed in respect as it was a deserved nap in reasonable acceptance. Woke early napped a little. But upon dosing away, I felt a sort of dislodging in the lower part of my brain and closer top of my neck. Then trancended into a sleep kind of unwillingly. 
I dreamt that I was driving. Kinda of drunk unable to use Stop signs. And frequently pulling over to sleep on my drive from being so intoxicated. Much of the dream I felt was totally real. Only when I awoke an hour later by alarm did I truly know.
For what was exactly a month after 25i exposure I felt normal again to my night schedule. it has been only a week or two since that day?
An a week since my last LSZ exposure. Today I smoked a little bit of Marijuana. I had a very decent trip with visuals by only smoking about 20mg to 60mg. With an experience that lasted about 7 hours. For 2 hours awake and sleeping or trancing for the time till 3:08am. Writing this at 4:08 now. 
Of course I ate some water, followed by crutons and a couple chicken patties only one was sandwhich. Replenishment of Sodium and revitalization of protein, fat, from energy spent im sure. Minor head ache found upon standing up.
With the trip on Weed. I felt very scared. Only because I have issues like law and stuff to be paranoid about. However I easily overcame this. And understood that everything happening is natural. Natural: the coalessence of the pinnacle in time and the structure of the universe. Absolutely natural. This was understood when I stopped being paranoid after I saw the plants my mother brought home. Peace lilly and one other. I must say truely Visuals were experienced smoking the Marijuana. Have not done any psyches for a week. Wishing to test this in long sobriety of psyches. 

I've been using drugs for a better part of 10 years. Im 21 now. I think we need to perfect the chemical understanding of our human structure to enable us to predict drug effect patterns at a molecular level. Then I thought we never know the effect till we use it ourselves. To better our understanding must root soon as time is going on. And i realize that the universe knows what is seen and only allows to be seen in the pinnacle of time. As what is to be seen is. Because taking these research chemicals could be a death sentence. Truly one might just croak never know it, or croak know why and nobody know why. I am alive Shroomery. Roar. haha.

I really am suprised and not so happy with my situation and how drugs are effecting me. Change that, rather, I'm not so happy with how I conduct myself from the knowldge of use I have and the fact that I can't use freely, and the posture I've taken from my motovations and demeaner. 

I must find the natural way. Pursuit of happiness. I want to be lively again. Probation sucks. I want to Study at MAPS one day.

Drug prohibitions a slight blessing. This is my full first progressive trip report from only a fraction of my experiences. I don't even want to SWIM this one ya know? I don't even know how to swim in real life. But now I feel like I can learn and feel like I do. 
Hey I did eat a slice of a dried shroom stem and felt it.

Sincerely, SWIM

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