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Trip of emotions

First shroom trip


I am a 20 year old and this was my first experience doing any drugs other than weed. Recently I was feeling very negative most of the time and I seemed to see the bad in everything and everyone. I started counselling and was put on antidepressents about 2 weeks before I decided to do shrooms. I didn't know what to expect but I felt ready for the experience because I had read lots of posts on shroomery and knew that I was in such a bad mental block this would be an escape from reality. 
I was at my friend house with her boyfriend and my boyfriend, we were all going to do shrooms except for my boyfriend who had to study but whe hung out at the house with us. I woke up at 9:30am and ate 2 capsules of shrooms soaked in lemon juice and a shot of the mushroomy lemon juice. At around 10-10:30 I was cuddling with my boyfriend on the couch and saw the couch and fireplace in the next room looking a little strange but I couldn't figure out if this was the shrooms taking effect or just me expecting to see stange things so I shrugged it off and kept watching the movie. I looked at my boyfriends hands and his skin looked so smooth and the colour of his skin faded except for the blue and green from his veins as I was describing this to him I looked at my own hands and THEY LOOKED DISGUSTING! My hands looked swollen and disfigured I couldn't describe how gross they were I had to stop looking at them. I had to go up to my friends room and tell her about it. When I got to her room she was putting on makeup so I sat on her bed and I was just talking and laughing and was so unbelievably happy I just started crying and couldn't contain myself. I looked in the mirror and saw myself becoming an old ugly lady, my skin was turning grey and wrinkly. I didn't like what I was seeing so I changed what I wanted to see with my mind and turned myself into a beautiful young lady and I was putting makeup on my face with my mind powers. I was so happy and couldn't stop smiling, I looked at my friends feet and they too looked disgusting they looked like spheres with knobs on them but also like they were covered in mylons so her toes would seperate it was gross...I just couldn't look too hard at people I exclaimed "All people are groos looking and all ceilings are beautiful" As I layed on my back and watched the stucko move with the music.
I went back downstairs and saw my boyfriend on the couch I had to tell him about what I was experiencing but as soon as I got close to him I had to hug him, I felt so attracted to his spirit, he felt so pure and I could just tell he was a genuinely good person with so much happiness in him. I just kept telling him "I feel so strongly towards you" over and over again. At this point I was crying even more and was so happy to be here with him but I had to get away or I wouldn't be able to stop hugging him. I saw my friend and her boyfriend outside so I went and joined them but when I looked at my friend her face was had orange paint all over it and the paint was moving and there was black marker around her eyes, she didn't look like my friend and I felt so scared I just had to tell her to take the makeup off because she was just so pretty without all the goop on her face. I was yelling at my friend to get that stuff off her face and I was still crying and just felt so emotional. I needed to go back to my friends room which became my sanctuary for the trip. Her room had bright turquise walls and music and pictures and it was so bright and messy but in the most perfect way, I was just enjoying myself and watching the ceiling move and then the bed frame was moving and it was so awesome I had to grab my boyriend. I made him lay down with me and experience the room and I couldn't handle my emotions towards him I was just telling him all the feelings I had toward him and he was agreeing with me. The whole thing was perfect except for this painting of the Beatles on her wall which didn't belong there at all so I put it in the hallway and the whole room was perfect and much brighter. 
My boyfriend left and my friend came up to take her makeup off and I was still crying and I saw a mini mansions album on her desk with baby dolls on it and flowers and It called to me. The dolls were 3d in my mind and they helped me unlock the power of the shrooms and my feelings. 
  As I held the album in my hand and stared at the babies I just said everything on my mind and how I was feeling, I don't remember most of the things I talked about but I was just so happy to be with my best friend and couldn't stop telling her how awesome she was and I reminisced about all my friends and my coworkers and thought about how everyone is beautiful in their own way and I felt as though I could see the sunshine in everyone. Eventually we left the room and explored her brothers room and it felt so much like her brothers spirit. It felt so fresh and exciting to see different parts of the house and think about the people who lived in each room. I went downstairs to see my boyfriend and the room he was studying in wAs perfect for him and I was so happy to see him and I told him how beautiful he was and how I wanted him to take all his clothes off hahahah. I then started to come down from my trip and I was much kmore relaxed and was just in a very serene state of mind.

Ever since my trip I have been so calm and realize that my mind is in total control of how I perceive life, nature and other people. I have to stop worrying about myself and the key to my happiness is by making other people happy. And if I don't like something about my self or a situation it is up to me to change it. Shrooms has been such a good experience for me and my mind has never been clearer. I have been so happy and haven't taken my antidepressents because I feel like I have mastered my emotional state. I have a super power in which I see how beautiful people are on the inside. I have always been very emotional and before shrooms I thought of that as a bad thing trying to even myself out by taking pills but now I see if I focus my emotions on happiness I can do so much with them and they are a huge gift.

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