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Salvia Divinorum

Complete dissociation; pure, fractured perception

It was a cool afternoon and a friend and I headed towards the old dam to smoke some cones. But we were too eager and stopped prematurely at a seldom-busy mountain bike park. He tells me he has a small bag of 20x salvia. At this point I had done salvia 3 or 4 times. This time around we had a very smooth ice-bong. So I decided that I would smoke a cone before I smoked any weed. My friend packed a large cone and handed me the cool bong and butane jet lighter. I exhaled, placed the mouthpiece of the bong around my lips, lit the butane lighter and began to inhale.
 Access to any memory ceased. I have no recollection of exhaling. And for a second I felt as if I was some kind of '80s video game. Lasers shot up and down my peripheral vision. The anxiety hit, I couldn't win. And then I reached the point of zenith. All access to cognition and memory ceased. I was perceiving through all sensual receptors but I didn't have a control centre to create a culminative 'image'. I was simply being.
 After a while I turned my head to look out the window. Outside I saw an infinitesimal number of mirror images of myself. I regained a sense of emotion and became extremely frightened. As I came to I remember regaining the sense of my skin and diving out of the car to strip down. I was extremely hot and immediately began to sweat profusely. I then got back into the car and began to shake. I could talk but I was too afraid to say anything so I didn't do so for a good 20 minutes. I remember being 'not quite there' and feeling as if I had sustained permanent psychological damage.
 Since the trip I haven't used salvia as it has become outlawed in my country. I now feel profoundly grateful to be a fully functional human being. 

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