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First Psychedelic Trip with Shrooms

3.0 grams psilocybin cubensis

          This was my first trip ever with a Psychedelic substance let alone shrooms. I'm going to try to put down my entire experience and tips for those who are curious about the magic mushroom yet are holding back from taking it.  

          My friend "C" picked up 9 grams of some psilocybin cubensis, shrooms. we decided we were going to take them on a Friday right after class when the sun was setting.. well long story short my friend "C" took them on Friday and me and my buddy "J" took them on Saturday because we weren't feeling well.          

                         Here are some tips to consider before taking The mushrooms that helped me.
                                      1.) Have a friend who has experience with psychedelics........... this helped me alot.. my friend "J" was sort of my spiritual guider lol. 
                                      2.) Be with Nature........ Being around or staring at Nature is great for a first time user, so much to look at and think about.... Go somewhere you feel safe.
                                      3.) ROLL WITH IT.... I made the mistake of wondering when the effects where gonna kick in, if i was gonna have a good time. etc... Once i let the trip take me i had a blast.

          3:00pm The 3gs each of Shrooms were taken
          3:30pm  I start to feel the effects, I feel "Stoned", very giggly. My grateful dead tapestry catches my eye one of the bears had the greatest smile and it made me smile. Then my first visual was of one of the GD dancing bears moving, i wasn't afraid but happy to get the trip going.
          3:45pm  My buddy "J" told me to vomit if i wasn't feeling well, which i wasn't! I had a queezy stomach but keep in mind i have always had a weak stomach.. I puked but never felt better! it was great!.. while puking i remember my shoes started to have a breathing effect and my vomit started to swirl, the walls turn t a slight neon green because of the shirt i was wearing. 
          4:00pm we begin to head outside with our long boards, While waiting for the elevator i turn't to my friend and laughed while saying i am tripping hard, he replied so I'm I, good shrooms, your gonna have a blast. We walked outside and The first sunny breeze that hit i looked up to the sky and simply said WOW. we then started to long board to the Charles river and i was staring at everything and anything feeling great.
          4:00pm We found a dock that went out into the river slightly, there were chairs so we sat down and starred at all the scenery and clouds.. I was thinking alot about life in general and how good everything was going.. i was looking at this one bird and bam, there was a lag or a photo copy of the bird when it was flying, i saw 2 then 3 then 10 of the same bird.
         ??:??pm I didn't bring my phone and we made a rule not to check the time so after the dock i have no real concept of the time frame.. we were at the deck for maybe an hour or two but it felt like an days..A Great feeling though! We left and just long boarded through the paths starring at the water, the people, all the dogs. The dogs were great, they made me so unbelievably happy because i am a big dog person. we talked and cruised for hours.. i cant fully describe the trip because it is really hard to. its something someone has to experience.. It was one of the greatest experiences of my life, it truly changed my outlook on so many things.
         7:00pm we weren't tripping anymore, it was a short trip :( but a great and intense one. We ended up back at the dock we started out and the sun started to set, we both were in such a good mindset, we called one of our other friends "E" and told him to come down with beer and snacks to enjoy the sunset. What a perfect way to end a great trip, we watched the sunset drinking a few beers and smoking a cig. A great Bro moment haha. 

                         Bottom line: Try shrooms when your ready, do it with a friend you feel conformable with, roll with the trip and HAVE FUN!



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