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One shroom trip closer to the afterlife

mushroom tea

Greetings fellow shroomers,

I%u2019ve been trying to write this trip report for a few days and it has been quite difficult to piece together, so bear with me as it might be a little confusing to anyone that is less experienced in terms of mushroom trips.

So here goes,

 I was visiting a friend%u2019slake house for the weekend, us having the sole intention of tripping, as we have had a good 3-4 very spiritual trips together. Ill refer to him as %u201CM%u201D for the purposes of this report.

So, starting off, we prepared a batch of tea for the two of us at about 8pm as we usually trip at night and we just couldn%u2019t wait much longer. After letting the tea seep for about 10-15 minutes we poured 1c for each of us and downed it all in our room. (This wasn%u2019t our first voyage into the world of shroom tea and were both certainly not newbies to psychedelics so we knew that there was a possibility of it kicking our asses).   Anyways,we decided to go out to the ping pong room across the courtyard of the house.(M, a few other friends and I). As we approached the door to the room I could feel the teas heavy body load coming on strong. I was having thoughts of throwing up and I even stopped outside thinking that if I puked I could get it over with and have a great trip after that, but I ended up just going inside to sit down and watch some of our friends play ping pong.

When we were in the ping pong room I felt a constant dragging down on my body and a very heavy nausea. This, combined with the ping pong balls bouncing and echoing in my head was not tolerable so M and I wentback to the room, which required we go through the bone chilling outdoor courtyard, (this didn%u2019t help with my negative feelings) but we eventually got to our room and had a seat, still with a few friends.

Now this is where it gets a bit jumbled up for me so I%u2019ll try to explain it best I can. We were now in our bedroom which by the way was heated so it felt like a tropical basket of bliss muffins in there (excuse my weird terminology) and I felt a tad bit more comfortable than when we were outside in the arctic-like cold.

There was now four of us in the room, just having normal stoner rambles, minus most of my input considering I had laid back and shut my eyes. As my friends conversation went on I could slowly feel the mushroom affect getting stronger and stronger. I remember opening my eyes for a moment, glancing at the three other people in the room and then closing my eyes again. This gave me some very negative thoughts for some reason. I started to feel as though I looked like I was overdosing (although I know that it%u2019s not possible because one- we were on good mushrooms that we had tried in the past, and two- I only had a small cup of tea containing around 2.5grams of the trippy substance)

Anyways, as I was having these thoughts I remember having an out of body experience in which I hovered above myself and looked down through the disappointed eyes of everyone that I aim to impress in life, seeing a sad looking guy who was dying due to a drug overdose (still a very silly thought I know) which only scared me that much more. After this, I don%u2019t remember much of my behavior outside of my mind, although M said I curled up in fetal position with my eyes closed.

At this point the two other people of our group had left and M was feeling the effects much harder now. (According to him). Me, I was in my own world which was my mind. I had no closed eye visuals and I could not rationalize anything in reality. I could only see a darkness. Like as if I wasin the darkest room imaginable with no escape.

 After who knows how long of my just being scared and in complete darkness, I felt the presence of an exit. This is the only possible way for me to say it, I felt as if there was now a way out of this horror but when I tried to find it, there was only a portal of darkness that, in my mind, was the line of life and death. As I approached this portal I could feel my soul or consciousness or whatever you may call it, slowly separating from my physical body.

 I felt as if I was just going to be sucked through the portal and spat out into the universe to become part of all other living things. Right before I passed the line, I thought of my family and friends, and how I would not want to leave them so early in life. In that moment I thought of every single person I had ever even had a successful conversation with and this gave me an odd connection to reality. This was when I snapped back and felt like a conscious being once again.

 I sat up and looked over at M with what I imagine was a deer in the headlights expression and me and him exchanged a few words. I think I may have said something like %u201Cman that was really deep%u201D or %u201CI%u2019m glad it%u2019s over%u201D or something along those general lines. After I sat up and he and I started talking, I felt so much better. I felt like I was born again and I was very grateful to have one of my best friends to talk about the trip with.

After this we just had normal conversation and we loaded a bowl to smoke. One weird thing that I wanted to note in the report is that whenI hit the pipe, it felt as if I was just taking a breath of pure oxygen and slowly exhaling it. I couldn%u2019t even feel the smoke in my lungs it was a very fascinating thing to me at the time.

 Anyways, Now that I think back to the experience I realize that it made me feel very open and secure with myself. And not only did I learn more about life, but I learned to appreciate my fellow living things. I know that some people might have bad trips and never try psychedelics again, but I am actually glad that I was able to have this meaningful trip.  If I had the chance to stop it from ever happening, I would not. I think that I have grown as a person from this trip and I now realize that death is not something to be afraid of. Its something that you should know is coming at one point, but until then, you should enjoy every small detail in life and live to your full potential.

If you made it through my report, I thank you. I%u2019m so grateful that I have this wonderful community to share my stories and opinions with. If you didn%u2019t like what I had to say, don%u2019t hesitate to share your opinions as long as they%u2019re not negative. (were all mature enough to communicate without sass here)

Thanks for reading and happy tripping,


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