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Out of Body Experience W/O Drugs

How did this even happen?

Well, I had a pretty bad cold that affected my throat and nose and appetite. I didn't eat anything for the whole day, and went to bed at 11. I woke up at 4:30 and couldn't breathe through my nose because it was blocked so badly. I was on my phone until 5 when I tried to get back to sleep. This is where the crazy shit went down. 

I was suddenly lifted off my bed, and it felt like I couldn't stop doing constant backwards rolling, whilst my head felt like it twitched to the left every second or so. While rolling backwards and twitching to the left, there was some very obvious techno sort of music that my brain was playing, and visuals that consisted of many different shades of green, yes, particularly green. Around 5 o'clock I instantly snapped out of it and went back to normal, (but couldn't get back to sleep).

This was the most fucked up thing that has ever happened to me, I have never done psychedelics (although I will be doing DMT very soon) so I honestly don't know how this could happen. Any help or feedback would be appreciated. Cheers.

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