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Fourth trip-most vibrant and severe.

what level have i reached?

Hello I would like to share my experience, It started mildly until I began listening to a few guided meditation tracks followed by a 5 hour deep meditation track. after the guided meditation I layed down and closed my eyes and i was able to see myself in the third person.after a while of seeing myself i looked up and seen "trees" with some form of being behind it saying "come with me, ill show you the way" I was then by some form of water. and i had a talk with this being. i then opened my eyes after about 3 hours of hard tripping, i thought i would just see the room i was in but i was in some sort of space that i can't possibly explain. after words i told myself that it was time to come down. so i came down long enough to walk a few blocks, after i got where i was i took a hit of hash and it opened my mind even more i went and layed down in a small room and went into a DMT like state of my mind for a few hours i had no feeling of my physical body, every time i swallowed water or something it just felt like a rain drop rippling on a surface of water. i was still under deep until i made it home. then i just didnt know who i was. can someone tell me what level i couldve reached. i felt like i was in another dimension of some sort. 

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