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Accidental trip


alright...this is how it went down

me and a friend had just smoke about 12 bong hits each so we were pretty fucked up. I was chillin on the floor watching CKY2K and my friend asked my if i wanted some pizza. Having the munchies i quickly agreed. So he went in the kitchen and got the shit ready and came back with some pizza about 10 mins later. I it was one of those supreme type pizza with everthing on it but it tasted a little nasty. After i ate like 3 slices he had told me that he but about 1/8 of shrooms on it. I though since i didn't fell anything nothing was going to happen.

HOLY SHIT was i wrong.

After about what seemed like 20 mins i started to feel kinda sick. I went to light a smoke and the flame lookd really fcking wierd. I had a trail to it and then it kinda looked like a solid waxy type thing instead of fire. Man i was about to shit my pants cuase i knew i wouldnt be able to go home for like 6 hours. so i had to call up my parents and tell them i was sleeping over my friends house.

When i went to use the phone the fucking numers stared to melt and shit and i didn't even know what to push. so i said fuck it and hid under i blanket like a little pussy. The blanket looked like an endless tunn;e from in side. I stuck my head out and all the walls started to melt. I wanted to kick my friends ass but i deiced not to cuase he look like some wierd animal guy. For what seemed like the rest of the night i had a conversation with the carpet about tattoos (i have a lot of them).

After i came toatly down i realize it wasn't that bad and i would definetly do it agian. Good thing me freind did that cuase i don't think i would have the balls to do it on my own.

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