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Stuck in time

1st trip

So this was my very first mushroom trip ever it was with my best friend D (also his first trip). We both ate just about 4G each. We both way around 155 and are 5'10'' (for those who need that info)


8:00 at work decide to do shrooms that night

9:00 Went to his house and started drinking orange juice ( heard it would make it more pleasant, obviously we were wrong..)

9:30 Ate the 4 Grams of mushrooms ( 10 caps each and endless stems)

10:15 It all started


So we were siting on his couch watching Cloudy meatballs 2 and waiting for  them to hit, we were so nervous and excited that our hearts were pounding. We did not know what we got our selfs into except that we were going to be FRIED out of our minds. about 45 minutes after taking them we started to feel a little different started to feel "high" like we smoked so dank ass bud. Then it got more and more intense as we were going, it started out awesome The couch and walls seemed to breath and the dots on the celling were going crazy swirling around . It was great walking around his house just looking at everything we could and enjoying the visuals. there was one point where we swear we could see Jesus in his cupboard it was frightening yet amazing! so this went on for about an hour of just walking around looking at stuff, then we decided to watch some TV and experience that ( our first wrong move) we turned on the Tv and started to watch adventure time. It was on demand it was a funny episode but if youre familiar with the show you know it can be a little weird and ominous at point and this one def. was. as we were watching it we were steady drinking orange juice thinking we would be mellow come to find out it makes it MORE intense, anyways while we were watching we started to trip the fuck out I was sitting at the edge of his coffee table rocking back and forth with my eyes glued to the tv. D tried getting my attention saying "hey man you alright" but I wasn't talking back until finally I just yelled "yes man im fine let me be" but inside I was not fine at all I had no Idea what was going on and I kept telling myself "if this gets more intense I want be able to handle it" little did I know I hadn't even scratched the surface.

We both were Tripping hard now it wasn't just me that was me it was him too so now we were fucked. We sat there and watched adventure time, and I started to notice this one scene it was like I had seen it before thinking I was just tripping I didn't say anything... but then I had seen it again and I got a little worried so I mentioned something to D and He said he though t the same exact thing. we stopped the show to figure out what was going on and come to find out we had the same episode on repeat and we watched it 3 times in a row. WOW WE WERE TRIPPING!!

The night was still young only around 12:00 now and we were watching adult swim. (horrible Idea) there are little clips that will come on right before the show starts that are absolutely random and the one that came on while we were watching was an old lady with a scary ass smile and a knife in her hand. this sent us into a bad trip for the rest of the night. While we were watching Tv all the colors started to morph into eachother it was pretty cool like when a lady with a red dress came into the scene everything would turn shades of red and stuff pretty neat. 

The thinking process had started to kick in we were thinking about the craziest stuff imaginable things that I don't want to think of ever again and luckily most of the thoughts I have forgotten thank god! Me and D are great friends and bond very well everytime we smoke pot together we seem to have the same feelings and with shrooms it was no different, OUR THOUGHTS were intertwined. Me thoughts were his thoughts his thoughts were mine it was something ill never be able to explain. We were basically speaking to eachother through our minds. we cant explain it and will never try to. Sitting on his couch we both knew this was happening but were to afraid tosay anything about it all we would say was "we both know its happening we cant explain it so don't" "its a known fact its whats going on" "are we both... yeah we are" "don't say anything" these same phrases over and over and we kept going down a spiral. There was a point where we both layed down and closed  our eyes I don't know what he saw and I don't want to explain what I saw but we opned our eys at the same moment and said "woah" like we had just became one for a second.

Later that night we had stopped talking completely just lost in our own minds both still on his couch too scared to get up, I was looking at a door way that had a weird shadow casted apon it that didn't make any sence at the time. and I couldn't comprehend any of this. I started to try and think about my girlfriend ( which has the same name as me) and I didn't understand because of the same names. This is where I had ego death I didn't know ANYHTING and I thought I had DIED. I had an outer body experience I was an orb hovering above my own body free to go anywhere I wanted but I was too afraid so I went back in and never came out again.

at 3:14 I had asked D what time it was He told me. I was fine just wanted to know how much longer I would be tripping, then I asked again about what seemed to be 5-10 minutes later He told me "3:14" seemed weird but thought I was just gone and missed understood. I asked agin about 10-15 minutes later he told me "3:14: we both looked eachother in the eyes and were scared shitles. we were stuck in time, we stared at his phone for what seemed to be 30 minutes until it finally changed. BIGGEST relief in the world.

There was a lot more that happened but not enough time to share. thanks for reading though. HAPPY TRIPPING!!!!!  

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