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Evil Pot brownies

4 hours of terror.

First off, I realize this isn't mushroom related but it is trip related and I was hoping someone might be able to shed light on what happened. And we weren't just 'unbelievably high', this was different.

what I used: Two male plants, one female plant cooked down for 4 hours in 500gram butter. (The female plant was dying, was yellow and had tips but no buds. The two male plants were healthy males with balls but no pollen yet.)

I was thinking that maybe, from a shamanic perspect, mixing the sexes of the plants may have caused the horrible effect.  Like if a penis goes in a vagina a baby comes out. What happens if you consume all the THC and cannabinols from both sexes of plants. Answer, a 'mind' baby is born.  Nah I don't know. It was a horrible experience though. We both thought we were going to die with as much conviction as that cop and his wife who called 911.

So we mixed the butter and brownie mix up in the thermomix and baked it. I cut large slices into the pan because I thought it would be weak, because it was %99 leaf. S ate a half, I ended up eating one and a half. At first I felt really woozy and good in the body, but I thought that would be it.  It was extremely mild at best. We watched an episode of true detective and at the end of it nothing was really happening so I ate another half (mainly because they were so damn delicious ). Then I looked down at S and she was like " ohhh they definitely work" I still wasn't convinced. I started putting all the actions in motion to go have a smoke; find cigs, lighter, shoes etc. But I never made it to have that smoke.

First it came on like a scattering of panic that you can't pin down to any cause. We kind of laughed it off making fun of this super-serious chess documentary that was on TV. But it got stronger and soon we were both totally paralyzed by a total lack of cognitive thought. Nothing made sense; I had a barrage of convoluted mental musing, all horrible,  washing into one another in my mind. Shit like: I can't breath, Im dying, I can't feel my body, my body is going into hypothermia, my body won't stop shaking, we both need to go to hospital, S is  going to have a psychotic episode, S IS having a psychotic episode, Im having a psychotic episode, all amongst what can only be described as a background of crushing anxiety and despair that felt like it was killing me from inside my head.  I vaguely recognised the place I was in which was EXTREME green land but it was worse. I was hallucinating things pulsing in a scary claustrophobic way in time with my heartbeat and the whole effect seemed to just be getting stronger. S sat by the toilet and told me to stay with her and this made my effect ten-times stronger.  I was now %100 percent convinced that if I didn't keep moving and shifting my focus I would go insane and die. Seriously. The next 3-4 hours were the worst. We both alternated from being in proximity of each other to being on our own without saying a word, in the bedroom, on the couch, getting air outside, talking made it worse, moving made it worse, the TV was hell, we just wanted it to stop but it didn't, It kept getting stronger. S started saying "Its going too fast" which I asked her about later and she meant getting stronger.  It was a paralysing mind fuck in the same way you would imagine being poisoned and dying is.  She kept telling me I needed to calm her down. It took all my energy and concentration to form some kind of comforting sentence. When things were at their unbearable worse I told her it would change in 5 minutes (I knew we'd be like this for hours.) then when she asked again (more panicked because it hadn't changed) I told her twenty minutes and then later that it would be over in forty minutes.  Hours later we could lay in bed but not sleep. We both felt totally insane and uncomfortable through the night then tired and uncomfortable in the morning. The effect was STILL there.  In fact it's still there two days later.

We threw out the brownies and the remaining butter. I think even a small amount, like just a centimeter of brownie would be unpleasant to anyone.  I'm not sure what happened. I guess it must have been the super concentration of whatever chemicals were in the leaves. It felt very unpleasant though and didn't even have those windows of enjoyment you get from smoking too much strong pot.

So there you have it. Don't do brownies.

Has anyone else mixed plant sexes and consumed edibles or had similar experiences?

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