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60G PE tea!

Pure happiness

It's sometimes hard to put into words what exactly i experienced this trip but I'll sum it up the best i can..

Saturday night I was reading our beloved forums, reading through the trip reports and realized that I had never tripped alone. I have been growing some WICKED potent PE lately so I planned that when I woke up on sunday I would take a trip into my own mind, with the help of 60 grams of fresh mushrooms. I had never made a tea before so I researched a easy recipe and got down to business, diced what seemed like way too many mushrooms, put them into  less than boiling  water, and added some tea. About twenty minutes later i had a cup of the single highest dose of mushrooms I had ever taken. And I was alone. It was about 10AM and i started to SIP, very slowly, wondering "should've I taken less?" I had tripped on 3 grams about two weeks ago and I wound up laying in bed with massive visuals near ego death, senses joining, all the major trip symbols. AND I WAS TAKING DOUBLE. About ten minutes later, and a quarter way through the cup I started to have huge amounts of anxiety and open eye visuals, wave formations in my eyesight, I had to close my eyes and deep breathe for about ten minutes before I was able to open them and pick some music to listen to. I picked up my cup.. I really don't know what I was thinking at this point but I CHUGGED half of what was left.  I had to go lay down, I grabbed my computer that was playing my music and went into my bedroom. I put on some Coldplay and closed my eyes... instantly transported to a neon world, massive closed eye visuals, fractals of bright green. I concentrated on staying grounded to reality. I thought of myself laying on the bed and was transported out of my body, watching myself laying on my bed, just for a few seconds  after I was transported back I opened my eyes and had a huge wave of bliss, and started to laugh, then cry. God, everything was perfect in the world at that moment. Every star aligned, every single cell in my body was rejoicing. No words can ever explain that feeling of pure happiness. I opened my eyes and enjoyed every second i had in this state, the music was perfect. 

About thirty minutes later I moved into the bathroom where their isn't any windows, I had massive difficulty walking let alone carrying all of my blankets I grabbed my tea and made it. I put a towel underneath the door frame and drank the rest of my tea. I choose my favorite floyd song and turn the brightness all of the way down on my computer and stare into the darkness. I have to lie down and I close my eyes.. The rest of the trip was filled with so much happiness, bliss at it's purest form. I wound up crying with happiness almost the entire time going in and out of closed and open visuals in the pitch black room.  

This is the kind of trip I wish on every single one of you.  

I love you.

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