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2g Powdered and then 2g Regular of PE

What a wild night

It was the Friday night of a very long and stressful week but the weekend before, a private and very generous benefactor had given be an eighth of a variety of weed and 5 grams of some very potent Penis Envies, some with closed caps all for free. I had been looking forward to tripping the whole week and when time finally came I ate 2 grams of powdered mushrooms at first in a peanut butter and nutella sandwich with many cups of orange juice. I consumed these probably around 5:15 PM. The setting involved my dorm room for the most part which has a few really dosed out decorations including a massive Grateful Dead dancing bears tapestry with a great amount of colors, another Grateful Dead poster on my wall, and a really crazy Yellow Submarine Poster. These were 
accompanied by a multi-beam laser and a black light. 
Keep in mind that during this trip, my sense of time was obliterated, so these times are probably off but still give a good idea of how the trip went.

0:30 - Very mild effects, not really feeling too much, maybe just  a little body high and some minor distorted view but overall disappointing at first.

01:00 - Still very mild effects, I call my benefactor and ask him if I should take another gram and he says that I should go for it but as I was popping the first extra gram into my mouth it really started to hit me and I actually understood that these mushrooms really were as potent as my benefactor had made them seem. They were so potent that I didn't even second guess myself on taking another gram. Totaling 4 grams at an hour.

01:30 - Full blown come up, my room started turning into an ocean of colliding colors, some of which that I was pretty sure I was seeing for the first time. I was able to see faces everywhere that resembled Alex Grey paintings and I felt incredible; I was so happy that I had taken 4 grams of shrooms and felt proud that I did it with no fear. This pride made me feel completely fearless and I really contemplated on going to one of my favorite clubs but I realized that I kind of wanted to have the experience be more private and introspective which a club environment would probably destroy. At this time my friend texted me who was coming up for the weekend and he asked what time would be good for him to arrive. This question blew my mind because time meant nothing at all to me. I had to sit there for at least 10-15 minutes trying to grasp the concept of the question he just asked me. All I told him was noon just because I had no of idea what else to say.

01:45 - I grabbed my bass guitar and plugged it in and started to walk around my dorm room, being utterly amazed by the reflection of my self in the mirror and by the sounds that were coming from my amp. I wasn't even playing songs or anything I was just playing random notes along the neck in weird positions in my room. I realized that I was getting nowhere with my playing and set it back down and began to dance to The Doors which was insanely fun and I just thought it was so crazy how active I was with how many shrooms I had just consumed.

02:00 - Every surface of the room looks as if they have waves of color rushing over them and my head feels great for some reason. I thought it would be cool to play some Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 so I put it in and literally couldn't finish a game because it was tripping me out so hard. I would just stare at the screen being memorized by how everything was just swirling and changing colors and I felt very disconnected with the other people playing. So I turned that off and started to play the movie Who Framed Roger Rabbit with the sound off while I did a bunch of other things that I can't remember in my room. Let me tell you, this is an insane movie to watch when you're tripping, Judge Dooms facial expressions were some of the craziest things I have ever seen in my life as I was tripping and it only got worst when he was flatted out by the steam roller. 

03:00 - I start to peak and the feelings are still the same and do a variety of things that I can't remember.

03:45 - I go outside and longboard around campus and I felt exactly as if I was in Lords of Dogtown and I was surfing some crazy waves. Compared to all of the times that I have skateboarded, this was most meaningful time that I had ever done it. I was getting all low to the ground as I was bombing some hills and I just shredding the FUCK out of campus and enjoying every single minute of it. I did not care at all about how goofy I could of looked because I was not in the location people saw me in, I was in an ocean. 

04:15 - I go to my car on top of my parking garage and listen to Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club band for another 10-15 minutes as I am looking at all of the old buildings on campus, amazed by the capability of the human's mind to be able to build the shit I was looking at. The lights that were on in the buildings were all extremely wavy, changing multiple hues of color the whole time as if they were in a vortex. At this point I realize that I'm starting to come down and since skateboarding proved no problem to me I decided to go for a little drive which was pretty awesome for a while until I didn't know where I was but thankfully I had my GPS to help me get back. The lights of the city were insane, I felt as if I was in Tokyo as I was shifting through the gears in my car. I passed by a club that had a bunch of different multi-colored lights and there was a ton of people just hanging out outside and I just thought it was so weird how this was a human activity that we loved to do so much. 

05:15 - I come back to my dorm room as the trip was getting less intense and it was at that point in the come down where you just sort of feel exhausted however I was still definitely tripping and seeing a lot of visuals. I saw a bunch of the residence hall's other residents and it was so hard for me not to smile when I saw them because I knew my pupils were still massive. I went back into my room and began to watch a bunch of episodes of Futurama which were really nice to bring me back to reality with the great social commentary that they have. 

At one point in the trip, I can't remember when, I solved one my many rubiks cubes and I solved it abnormally quick (with less algorithms than normal) but it seemed so natural to me that that would happen. I have no idea why but then I just looked at the cube for like 5 minutes. Amazed by the differences in color, wondering how the algorithms were even found in the first place, once again amazed by the technological advancements that humans have made in our existence. I realized that at this point, technology will only begin to increase at a faster and faster rate.

Now I have a much deeper motivation for excelling in schoolwork and I actually have a deeper appreciation for my chemistry class and I really try to understand the concepts instead of just remember them.

This trip was an overall amazing experience and although it was a little more exhausting on the come down I still enjoyed every minute of it, even when I got lost driving my car.  One thing that was always a fun mini-adventure was going to the bathroom as the dorm I'm in has a shared bathroom so I would walk into the bathroom in a tie dye shirt with a quarts necklace on, eyes wide open while my urine was changing hues from clear to yellow multiple times. The bubbles of the urine all turned into faces and the walls of the bathroom did the same as they changed hues.  I felt like it was obvious that I was tripping to other people but I did not give one fuck. If you ever have to chance to take a dose like this, I say do it. I had extremely potent mushrooms too so don't be afraid to do more if you get basic mushrooms. This experience was great and I can't wait for another. I plan on taking shrooms or acid at Islands of Adventure in Orlando. I'll definitely make a trip report for that. 

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