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Experiencing four-dimensional space on Salvia

The universe is a reality-shaped spinning tube

I believe it may be (is) possible to truly experience four-dimensional space, under the influence of certain dissociative/hallucinogenic drugs, specifically Salvia divinorum. I have personally experienced this twice, including today [I wrote this 2 weeks ago], which is what I am writing about. It was definitely the weirder of the experiences and I have had much more difficulty integrating it. That is to say, I was confused by it for a while after and couldn't stop thinking about it. I didn't even remember that it had happened before until after this experience, when I suddenly recalled a similar but less intense salvia trip I had before. I had simply chalked it up to being a level 5 experience and literally forgotten it. When I was thinking about salvia in the minutes before the hit, I didn't recall that first experience, although I did remember other times I smoked it.

I had gone to a park, and I was sitting on a log by a river down a mild embankment cutting me off from the rest of the park. At the time, there was background noise of children playing and screaming somewhere not too far away on the non-park side of the river. I had just bought a gram of salvia 5x, which said it contained 20mg of Salvinorin A. I packed myself about .2 of this into my bubbler, and used a torch lighter to kill all of it. I held it in, put the piece away safely as quickly as possible, and started to feel that familiar needle-pricking sensation that Salvia can give you. Soon, I started to go way further than I had expected with this meager 5x extract. I have had lesser experiences from larger hits of 27x extract from a bong before, which I held in.
Recall the children playing I talked about. As I started to really trip, I began to feel as though their screaming and laughing were chanted, almost lullaby-like comments being spoken to me by the very parts of world around me, or actually laughing at me at times, chanting and singing strange things as a commentary on my thoughts. At one point, I had a thought which was apparently obvious, and I thought that the river was laughing at it with this child-like jeer and saying "obviously" so I threw a stick at it for good measure. It was soon that I started to experience a sense of "rotating" in some kind of strange "wheel" in an infinite number of layers that I felt I had merged realities with. At one point, I heard the sound of an ice cream truck and felt convinced for the duration of the sound that I was a merry-go-round carousel ride spinning around with children laughing and screaming riding on my seats. The combination of merging realities and experiencing that very reality which I had merged with in a strange wheel-rotating-experience in layers all the while the (seemingly) separate facet of reality commenting in a strangely lulling fashion on my every thought and action was extremely strange, confusing, a little physically uncomfortable at times (it's not easy continuously folding layers of yourself over and over again in an uncontrollable cycle), and possibly terrifying at some points. I managed to stay mostly aware, if you could call it that, of the fact that a foreign substance was involved in the experience, which definitely helps to avoid having a frightening experience under the influence of powerful hallucinogens.

That night, I googled "salvia layers" to see if anyone could help me describe this strange experience and clicked on the first link, which was from our beloved shroomery itself.

(edited from user ThorAxe1 Shroomery post #8950264 - 09/18/08)
"People that experience a variant of "layers/slices" trips experience layers of what they perceive to be "reality", stacking on top of one another.
When your eyes and other nervous devices send information back to your brain, the image combined with your other senses stimulate your brain to perceive this one split-second of "reality" or 3d space at a time. Normally, perhaps, an image and nervous message would be sent to your brain, and it would be immediately replaced with another image and sense of space. Well, I think that salvia may cause the images and feelings to sort of "stick" in the brain, resulting in multiple messages stimulating the brain at once. This means that a person would experience multiple 3d spaces at once. This would mean that the user was experiencing 4 dimensions."
This seemed to describe part of what I had experienced very well, although there was a LOT more going on in terms of my thoughts and other weird stuff. I had been having some difficulty integrating the experience, and reading this really helped me feel a sense of relief, like "oh I get it now. It makes sense. I'm no longer extremely confused."

Then I googled "four-dimensional space" and saw a GIF image of a tesseract on wikipedia (not on the "tesseract" page, it's on the "four-dimensional space" page). I suggest you check that out right now if you don't know what it is. That "rotating" image resonated precisely with what I had experienced, albeit a more simplified, cubically-shaped version. I had experienced it a "reality-shaped" form, instead of the cubic image on wikipedia. I had also felt like I WAS the object of the reality-shaped tesseract during the trip, which may be unrelated to experiencing four-d alone and is just another possible effect of salvia. However, it could be that you could only experience four-dimensional reality if you also felt as though you WERE four-dimensional reality.

To be perfectly honest, I had no real control over my body for most of the time after the come-up. I was sitting on a log by the river when I hit the salvia and came up for maybe 2 or 3 minutes. This is when I first started experiencing the "reality commenting on my thoughts" part. Then my memory starts to be a little less clear. I think I knelt down on my hands and knees for most of the "wheel-tesseract-rotating" experience, during which time the layers of reality continued to talk to me. I don't recall this specific action of sitting on the ground because my consciousness was merged with reality at the time, but I vaguely remember standing up as I really started to come back to being conscious of reality in the normal sense. I was still hearing the chanting and laughing voices of the children speaking to me, but the feeling that they were part of reality was gone and they seemed to be contained within my own mind.

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