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Well lets get started shall we?

Well lets get started shall we? It had been raining for a week straight with hardly any breaks. it wasnt a hard rain but kind of a light shower, even just mist at some times. I had tried my luck at afew local cow fields before and had little results, they were to popular i guess and people would beat me there. This time me and a friend went to a new field he had discovered. We drove down the dirt road to the field and parked behind some trees, out of sight. We jumped the barbed wire fence and steped into ankle high water, we split up and covered the field. It hadnt been 1 minute before we had found 10 palm sized caps. Every ten feet you walked you would find a group of 2-4 nice sized caps. I cant remember how many we ended up with but we split them down the middle. I kept mine and the next day i went to the field again, but to a diffrent section and had excellent results again. I took them all home mixed them with my others and piled them up on a cutting board. That day i made some cherry koolaide with alittle extra something. actually alot extra something. I ended up with 80oz of this juice. i gave a 40oz of it to another one of my friends cause he helped me get them. well i had to work that night until 11:00 so when i got off i got into my car and opened my sunroof, lo and behold a phat 1/8 of KB falls onto my lap. It was a present from a friend that i had let use my car that night. I started the car and headed to a freinds house that i was supposed to stay at while i tripped, he ended up not being able to do anything but he bumed me 4 smokes, he said i would need them (god he was right). Any way i went back to my house, where my mom was already fast asleep. i got on my computer poured a glass of juice and started surfing the net. Now i know, i've heard it a million times,"dont trip alone" well i had no choice. After the first glass i wasnt sober, I kept drinking and by the second glass i could start to feel it alittle harder. i started drinking alot faster. i was mainly chating with my frinds and staring at the computer so i didnt really see anything until i leaned back to stretch. someting moving on the side of the wall caught my attention. I turned and saw that a large map we have hanging on the wall expand. it streched out and started coming closer to me. by the time i realized it wasnt really happening and it was just me tripping it had gone back down to its orginal size and shape i turned my head back towards the computer but the alittle later something else cause caught my eye, the little amount of juice i had left in my cup started multiplying, growing in volume. I looked down just in time to see it overflow and spill onto my carpet. I moved back to aviod the waterfall of blood red liquid spilling from my desk. Then as soon as i could focus again the cup was back to normal. I shook my head and blinked my eyes afew times the went back to the computer screen. I kept seeing black dots move around the walls, They kinda ressembled cockroaches. It was at that time that i decided to get of the computer, i didnt know how long this was going to last and i didnt want to waste it infront of a computer. I went to my room and turned on the tube. Guess what TNT was playing at that time? The Abyss. I never really had watched that movie before, i had flipped it on but always turned it off after afew minutes. But not this time. This time it had my attention. The colors in this movie were amazing, and the plot, well the plot was fucking weird, an excellent movie to watch tripping. The sea creatures looked so amazing, they made my eyes dazzle and my mouth drop wide open. After i finished that movie i though i had figured everything out, i though i knew how everyone thought. So i decided to leave my house, and walk to my girlfriends. she only lives like 20 miles away, if i started now i would be there after afew hours, right? Well i packed my backpack full of afew necessities: my Bubbler, the 1/8, some chocolate chip cookies, my CD player, and some other crap that i cant remember of hand. I then went back to the computer to burn a CD for my journey. It was a mix of Slightly Stoopid songs, perfect for the occasion. I then sat and watched the CD burn. an hour went by, 2% done. Well maybe it just felt like an hour i smoked a cigarette. and then another. and then another. only one more left. one cigarette. I wrote a song about it while i waited for the CD to finish. I can remember very strongly the little ding my computer made when that CD finished, and how it came out on that little tray. i was so happy. i then popped it in my CD player grabed my skate board and my backpack and started skating to my girls house. The summer night's air felt great blowing in my face. and the stars, i cant even explain what they were doing, but it was beautiful. i ended up skating only about a mile before i took a break from skating and sat my ass in the middle of a soccer field loaded a bowl and smoked my herb with my eyes locked to the sky. It felt like i was falling into space, my heart sank as i fell deeper and deeper into, well, the abyss that is space.i was in complete nirvana. i had never had this feeling before. i was completly relaxed and i never wanted this time to end. After i layed there for what seemed like an eternity, i got back up and got on my board again, after all i was on a journey. I took afew more breaks along the way i finished up the last of my juice along the way as well. Alot of weird things happened during this time. It started getting really cold and i was getting pretty tired as well so i ended up laying down on a park bench. I could see that the sun was coming up, i smoked my last cigarrette and closed my eyes and i guess drifted off into sleep. i woke up at around 8 o'clock, through out the whole night i had no concept of time. i was scheduled to work in an hour, but i didnt go. in fact i never went back. i hate working. Well in the end i had made it about half way to my girls house, pretty good i think. i got someone to pick me up at a near by grocery store. i went home and fell asleep for afew hours. I think i had a pretty damn good time.


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