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A little while ago when I was 14 with one of my friends I took 4.5g of shrooms. That trip was insane....I got them of a new guy and it was my first time I don't know what kind of shrooms they were but they were big shrooms. Each one was around 2.2g the stem was a little bigger then a highlighter and had a blueish color. They were the best shrooms I've ever seen since I have taken them and I've had a couple different kinds since. They were the most potent by far.  We got like 7g for 50$. I took them in about 3 days and I left and told my mom I was spending the night somewhere so it was goonD. I met up with my friend "J" we were one bikes and right when we met up it was on the sidewalk of somestreet and as soon as we met up we ate them I scaled them when I first got them too so I knew how much it was. I took like 4.1g and then ate a few of my friends caps like 4. We were riding to the river after that and we locked our bikes up and went over the hill to go to some smoke spot we knew about. As were walking like 10-15min into it I felt a little weird and there was an odd feeling in my stomach. I carried on and then when I got to the spot about 5 min later I was looking at the ground all the sticks and sand and like the texture and shit was moving and all warpy. Then I told my friend I didn't feel good cause my stomach wfelt weird. And it started to feel bad. I don't know why but I just couldn't be at thar spot so I told J that we needed to go so we walked back as we were walking the visuals started getting stronger my whole vision was warpy and the way I felt personally was insane. It was hot but we just kept walking and everything was warpy. Once we got to the bikes I started riding hella fast to her house I don't really remember what happened on that ride to her house (10min ride) all I remember is seeing somekids outside on there yard and all there faces looked like there was a circle on there head and in that circle was there face twisting. We got to her house and it all hit me. (Nobody's home) I went and looked in the mirror and my skin was an insanely bright orange and then flashing different colors. I then went and sat on her bed and kept jumping from place to place hella fast not knowing what to do. while I was bouncing from room to room I remember like throwing my hands in front of me to grab a pillow and it was like fantastic 4 stretchy guy and they just went into infinity. then I went in the TV room and sat down on a little couch on my stomach with my face in the couch and eyes closed. The things I saw were undescribable it was three faces like tribal looking things in a square twirling and blinking and doing insane shit. Then I got water because my stomach hurt. And then I just dropped it and didn't drink it n went into the bathroom to throwip but I was like "Hey J I don't know how to throwup how do I do it" on stuck my hand down by throats and my hand was a bright orange and felt so fucking weird in my mouth but I couldn't throw up. So I didn't know what to do I was just pacing all around the house not knowing what to do because of the way my stomach felt. I was standing in one room and it felt like I was in every room of her house at once.  this was so stupid I know but it was because I was on that much of shrooms and it felt like I had to do this right when that topic came up...I was like I'm gona call my mom. And my friend was trying to convive me not for a while and then I finally umlocked my phone because I couldn't even see the numbers and I typed out "I took shrooms I need to go to hospital" I didn't send it then I thought about it and it felt like I had to so I sent it and my mom calls me and tells me she's on her way (7min drive)  this Is where it got even more insane. I walked outside and will never forget this. Right when I walked outside I could feel the sun on me and then just heard the most amazing beautiful voice like hum to me for like a few seconds then went away. I keep calling my mom and I literally am walking all around in the street didn't even know where I was just walking back n forth. my mom drives to pick me up n there is a big bag of dog food right where I am gona sit so I have to move it and when I lift it, it was insane my arms felt like they were flickering with energy. I was in the car just telling my mom I need to go to the hospital but kinda in a scared voice and wanted her to do it quick. Its just that's where I felt like I had to be to be safe. So later I get to my house and I am sitting on my porch telling my mom to call ambulance with my legs on this little fence looking out and everything was just a blur. finally the ambulance got there and they were sitting there talking to Me and asking me hella questions like how many u take and I was like 10 grams. I felt like I had to say that. And kept telling them that and they kept asking me questions and I was like can u stop asking me question and can we gO. So they put Me on the little gurney thing. And were like lift your arms up but I was like how and started to like roll over n shit. Then once I got into the back of the car I felt safe.....this is where the trip gets good. I was sitting in the back and was just talking to the guy n I saw my heart rate and was like am I OK? And he was like ya and I started joking with him and was like naaa ur lieng. N he was like no really u r and I was like stop lieng I know u r. And kept going back and forth. I was looking at him And it felt like I was in a different world every little piece of the car felt like it was in its own universe n his face started twisting. Then they like Parked into this like unloading room I think and when they opened they two big back doors and lowered me out it was fuckin crazy. I thought I was like a King and they were escorting me out it felt like I was going from one world to the other. They were pushing me to some room and everybodys faces had that (shroom face loook) you know what I'm talking bout if uve taken them. I got into the room and sat down at lookijg at the curtains n the designs are just racing down the curtain then they wanted urine sample so I had to walk to bathroom. And I could barely walk there. Once I was peeing I had a black dick n I'm white. that's all I remember from that then I sat Down n my mom looked like a gorilla like she was slowing morphing into one. I sat there for a while and tripped the fuck out for about 2hours the way I felt then was amazing. Literally amazing... this Is about a 1/100 of the actual trip you just can't explain that in words...I tripped for probably about 9-11 hours And that trip has changed me and I will never forget some of the shit that happened. I know it was long but I always wanted to tell people and see what they thought about it.tell me what u think

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