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AL LAD to LSZ; Whippets


This will be a SWIM experience. For the sake of this report and dying to write this. This can be posted on Erowid by any who read it. However I will at a later date if it has  please notify me thru pm. Thank you. 

First the time of day was the beginning of night.  Subject held 2 150mcg AL LAD under tongue for appoximately 90 miniutes before swallowing. Within 15 to thirty miniutes sensations of erotica and lysergic eurpohria were taking place with minor visuals. As time would go by subject would intensify for 3 hours before winding down to basesline the next morning. SWIM can say this trip was a fifth hairline experience. 

During the trip many 8 gram Nitrous canisters were administered thru cracker and balloon. These would perpetuate the trip further by many folds he could explain as 5 going to 1 with 4 hidden as a true 5 hairline experience. Absolute sensory experience was living dreamlike.  Fractals of standing entities and what seemed like entire space was visualized before the visual spectrum of the brain. SWIM saw on inhalation of whippets a large being of what looked like a  Mayan spirit guru sharing his balloon. Very complicated to explain. SWIM became It. Spoke in tongues. SWIM would dream into the Whippets and wake up to experience a rebound effect from his dream into the living world believing his dreams were apart of reality in a microcosm. Manytimes he would understand that his picture was apart of this moving time that materialized thru the speed of time and that the universe's vast expanse was his materialized visage apart of the speed in to universe. 

Subject was totally aware of reality although it was very hallucinating. Many major fluctuations of webs of space fractals were experienced through out the length of the experience. At one point with a friend who became the trip setter more as a friend who was chilling putting on music was there examining subject by asking subject about heart rate and emotions. SWIM felt apart of what seemed like an operating table from another dimension. SWIM was not hearing normal words but was being monitored by surgical instruments that were "fixing" his brain. SWIM could feel a fiber optic filament being moved on his brain. And could feel this thru his nasal cavities. Music was taking on a different sound. From cathederal tones and rewritten words. Most likely from the part of the brain AL LAD seemed to effect to him. In short he was listening to other perceptions that were hidden in his mind opened from the music. SWIM can ultimately say that he feels healthy, however the expeirence was his most intense of his lifetime and created the utmost respect to psychedelic state. 

After 8 hours SWIM was tired. However CEV were apparent. Sleep was induced from the sheer exaustion of the ride. In closed eye state, SWIM would again see an entity that looked like a hindu goddess. Once it reached for him and he woke and screamed "WHOA!" Sleep was followed for aproximately 6 hours. With a pizza ordered. Before ordering the pizza subject SWIM look 2 150mcg of LSZ.

Waiting for the pizza SWIM slept for 30 to 45 miniutes with LSZ under tongue. Subject SWIM took the LSZ blotters out to eat a few slices of pizza and proceeded to hold the blotters under tongue for another hour while lying down. SWIM could feel the LSZ take light effect about 2 hours after administration then swallowed the blotters. SWIM started to be encapsulated by the LSZ at hour 3 with administraion of Nitrous Oxide. Note: Nitrous had a more stable effect on LSZ than on AL LAD ie no induced dream states but toning visuals. Nitrous helped major with body load.  Possibly thru receptor tolerance no dream states were totally induced but SWIM links  this to LSZ starkly different effects from the mind and body.

At hour 4 SWIM subject and friend smoked a cannabis blunt. Immediately after smoking SWIM could notice an intensity of the trip. Outside friend was hiding in the shadows by what seemed to be by SWIM's subconcious demand as SWIM was basking his mind into the time of the shadows and becoming overcome by the hear of Being and riding by the all powerful reality of time.  SWIM felt sick from smoking. Perhaps though it may have been the tobacco cigarette he smoked.
Soon after returning indoors from the wind and cold. SWIM watched Grand Theft Auto 4 play and noted from friends agreeance and minor arguement before the difference of graphic play between Grand Theft Auto 5. Body load was immense. At the 5th or 6th hour the effects were at its fullest. With whippets thought attention was transformed to being apart of the game being played to what seemed like an outside reality controlling my thoughts. 

My thoughts were apart of a layering of the temperature and density that is physical reality. I came to a conclusion that we were a rock based life form traveling with a God that shared the layering density that makes reality but was faster and higher. With the oil and rubber that cars use to travel at the speed moving with time created the rubber that moved along the still asphalt as the human is blood and bones organ and mind moving with the subtance of the expanding universe catching up or simply riding along to the God we are moving with. 
By hour 9 or 10 SWIM was exauhsted again. Body load left but sleep was a little hard. But it was the first time SWIM could tell himself that he needed the sleep and could proceed to try and succeed. Usually SWIM has insomnia. However SWIM would wake every 4 hours. Woke three times. 3 staying awake. Waking everytime to drink Cranapple juice. About 5 boxes of 24 pack Whippets were consumed through the last 2 embarkments. Plus 5 or 10 16g cartirages. 

Overall SWIM can say he was in control 85% of the time. That it was the most intense experience he had. He thought many grandiose thoughts but felt that they were real.  SWIM wants to study Positron Emission Technology as he can finally understand why the Governments were studying mind control with substances like LSD. Evolution is at hand. SWIM has a little hankering to do more but will not allow life obligations to be overcome , that they are important and will embark another time. I hope im not doing anything wrong posting this. As I am not trying to popularize these substances because they are not for everybody. 

I just must write this experience as it was what I experienced even if writing this only tells a small bit of the story because there were visuals that SWIM thinks CGI animation could not create. However writing this experience has brought better and clear attention to the experince at SWIM's hand. SWIM must say these substances cannot be trifled with. SWIM doesn't know if he should post this considering the legality of these substances now. And that this will be the first to his knowledge on the Shroomery. He wonders if he should keep it away for this sake. And not to flag it as a problem substance for the DEA. So he will keep this on file til a later date. At least til he can procure more of each. Thank you. I apologize as writing this now will not go til later. , SWIM.

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