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Solo Shrooming

My first shroom experience - I decided to go it alone.

I'm writing this post 24 hours after my first trip.

I have wanted to try shrooms for quite a while.  
Being in my late 20's, I decide it was about time.

I got 1/8th from a friend of mine and held on to them over the weekend hoping I'd be able to find a friend to do them with. 
Unfortunately, everyone was busy this weekend so I had resigned to wait for a week or two.
After finding that I was off all day on Monday, I decided that this was the day.  

I woke up in a very good mood.  This just confirmed my decision.
I was unsure how to go about it, but I knew that I wanted to do this on my own.
I had figured out that my good friend was off as well and would be available by phone if needed.

At 4:34, I began my adventure.
I opened my stash and ate some straight up.
I had heard that they taste like shit/dirt/etc.  These just tasted bland - the texture of walnuts and almost the same flavor.  
I ate 3 stems and two caps - although they were smaller than I expected.
Immediately afterward, I walked the two blocks to the store to get some orange juice and some snacks.  

I didn't start feeling anything after I got back, yet.  So I ate another stem and cap.
so now I've eaten just a little over half of my stash.  

I turned on some music.  (it's now like 5:03).
This is when it started.

I didn't feel an exact beginning to it - I just all of a sudden noticed how into the music I had gotten.
I was feeling the music in a way I hadn't felt before.  It felt sooo good.  My phrase was "it feels like I'm being hugged from the inside out."
I was dancing around my apartment.  I couldn't let the music change, though.  I had to put this one song on repeat because it was too good.
Then my roommate called me.  It had been snowing and she was stuck in the alley.  She needed help getting to her parking space.  
I felt the urgency so much that I didn't even put on good shoes or anything I just threw on some really light shoes and a light coat.  
Pushing her car out to the street was the funnest thing in the world.  looking down and seeing the ground flowing like a river from under the car made me feel so powerful!  I kept saying, "I feel like Superman!"  My roommate knew I was on shrooms, so she just laughed and walked to her friend's place.  
I went back in and started jamming to my music again.  
Suddenly I realize about an hour had passed.  But when I focused on the clock (the one on the back of the stove) - I noticed the numbers were popping out like a 3D movie or something.  I get really close to it so I can touch it.  
I stop because I realize that the built-in China cabinet to my right is breathing.  I stop breathing so I can watch it.
Then I start breathing with it.  
Then I start thinking about the energy that the cabinet and I are sharing and how it's because we are all made of the same kind of molecules.  Crazy shit like that.  I look out the window and it's snowing.  It looks like glitter falling past my window.
I texted my friend and she started sending me trippy videos and stuff, but I didn't want to watch any of it because I wanted my experience to be organic.  
But the whole time I was texting it felt like my phone was a "box of milk".  It was like flowing back and forth with the words floating on top.  

It's now 6:45.
I wanted to go for a walk.  
It had just gotten dark.  Street lights were on.  The snow had stopped.  People are on the sidewalk headed home from work.  
The minute I stepped outside, I felt like I was in a giant Pop Up Book.  
All of the trees looked like they were made of cardboard and I felt like I was in that game Paper Mario. 
I couldn't quit smiling.  the snow was like piles of teddy bear stuffing turning to liquid.  
As I was walking down the street, I finally couldn't stand it and I wanted to know what this snow stuff felt like.  

I reached down and grab a handful and held it until it melted in my hand.
After it had all melted, I felt the pain of holding ice and I just laughed and laughed.  
Mind you on this walk, I still have music going in my headphones.  It just made the walk that more intense.  

A few blocks later I see this tree that looks like fingers sticking up out of the snow.  And this song about sex is playing on my headphones and then I start calling it the "fingering tree" and then I swear I can see it moving like it's fingering someone.  and I just start laughing.  

Something I have to say about my trip at this point is that if I saw something that I thought was cool or pretty, it felt as if I had to give myself permission to look at it.  It was almost like if you accidentally see someone you're attracted to naked - you know you shouldn't look, but you want to - but you don't want to be rude.  That's what it felt like if I walked by a pretty building and wanted to look at it - I had to look out of the corner of my eye.  It also didn't help that if I looked at it directly it would look like it was warping or something.  

I go around the block and walk into starbucks.  I still have no idea why I did this because I NEVER go there, but it seemed so necessary at this moment.  
I got a Pumpkin Chai and can not explain how awesome this tasted.  I told my friend I was drinking "Pumpkin Marshmallows".  It was around this point that I realized what other people's faces looked like.  their eyes were so big.  SO BIG.  But not freak me out big, just funny big.  

I am talking on the phone with my friend Kelly now - and I can not quit laughing.  The idea of hearing her voice but not being able to see her was so funny to me.  and then I started trying to explain what I was seeing and began rationalizing why I was seeing these things. 
"This tree looks like a pop up book.  But that's because my eyes are dialated and I can only take in the darker and lighter parts so It makes it appear as thought the tree is a two dimensional object, but I also know it's coming out at me - so it has the third dimension.  so it's like a 2 dimensional object trying to be 3D.  So it's like a Pop-up book."  haha.  
I could NOT quit laughing throughout this whole conversation.  

I made it back home and just stood on my porch staring at the trees, drinking my coffee.  I was in heaven.  I felt like nothing could feel better.
I went back inside.

Time check - it's now like 8:30.

I began listening to music again.
We have these christmas lights hanging over our front threshold and i just stood there rocking back and forth - fascinated by the trails these lights were leaving around themselves...  it was so pretty.  And then they started running along their strings.  like the lights were moving/twinkling.  (But they don't actually do that).  

then a battery operated candle went out.  and the fact that part of the room got darker freaked me out for a minute.  
It looked like the shadows in that corner were a giant stuffed animal swallowing the corner.  
Then I realized the candle was out and i turned it back on.

By 9:30 - i was feeling very tired of my indoor surroundings and needed to go back out.
But not before eating these Starbursts - OMG - the MOST AMAZING flavors ever.  Nothing on earth could taste better. 

I head out again.
Down the street.  I walk by this bar and I look in the window and freak out for  aminute "oh wow - a human aquarium"... I need to be inside.
I go in and they have a raised area so you can see everything.

This is the one time in my trip that I kinda freaked.
I'm looking down on this crowd of people trying to get drinks at the bar and what I see very closely resembles one of those videos of rat infestations.  
You know where they open an abandoned shed or something and there is a huge swarm of rats/mice crawling over each other.  
So on the floor I see this swarm of "rats" fighting to get their liquor.  and on the video screens there is this montage of people singing/ screaming at the top of their lungs.  
I was terrified.
I couldn't move.
I tried to call my friend - no answer.
I texted - no answer.  

I had to hold onto the hand rail and walk myself out past these people who were asking if I was okay.  I put my headphones in, put my hood up, and just "snuck" out.  

The street was pretty dead because of the earlier snow.  I felt at peace again.  
I began my slow walk back to home.
On the way home, there is one visual that cracks me up the whole way; when a car drives by and the melting snow gets sprayed up onto the sidewalk.  
I wanted to run through it - but I couldn't ever catch up to it.  

I get back home.
My roommate is home.  
At this point I can feel that I am coming down.  I am in a euphoric state, but - from what I could tell I wan't tripping any more.  
Now it's like 10:30.

Time for bed I think.
I lay down, but CANNOT sleep.
Every time I close my eyes, I'm still seeing things.
But I can't tell if I'm dreaming/nightmaring or just still semi-tripping.
When I close my eyes, I keep seeing things flying at me.  Primarily a red balloon keeps coming toward my face.  and floating away.  
I don't remember much after the balloon.  
I just remember waking up for work this morning.  

Aside from the semi-freak-out at the bar, I had one of the best nights of my life; tripping for the first time on my own.
I had this constant reappreciation for everything.  It wasn't a discovery - but a reappreciation for the world I live in and the person I've become.  
Humbling, it was.  

That's my first shroom experience.  
As far as levels go - this could have either been a 2 or 3 - I'm not entirely sure.  

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