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Unexpected Ego-Death

2 tabs of street LSD

Hi, this is my first report on here and it involves 2 tabs of street LSD. I was going to have a fun night, play some halo 3, and take a couple tabs while playing with a few close friends online. This is my
first psychedelic experience and I was not ready for it at all. Previously I've tripped on Dramamine, and Robitussin out of pure curiousity, but never anything like Lsd. I hit up a close buddy of mine to
find out he had a few tabs. He sold me them for around 20$ (It's pretty rare in my area) and told me that I should take a tab at around 10:00pm, then if I'm up for it, take another tab at around 1:00am. What I did was definitely not that.

11:00pm: I start up Halo 3 and play with a few close online friends I've known for years. We start playing a long game of BR/Snipes and before it starts, I place a tab on my tongue.

11:30pm: I swallow the tab and continue playing for about 10 minutes. I decide to place  the second tab on my tongue because nothing is happening.

12:00am: I continue playing and it starts to kick in. I start to notice sounds that aren't there. (for example, I'm hearing helicopter blades spinning passed my ear and people talking in the distance)
Now I'm starting to see almost a green spherical object come in on the right upper corner side of my vision and swirl around towards the upper left corner and do a rotational spin motion. It does
this maybe every 15 to 30 seconds. Everything also has a greenish hugh to it.

12:10am: Everything is slowly getting more intensified. My friend tells me to look up this new band that came out at the time. So he sends me a link to this band "Stolas", Which was probably the
most perfect band to have been playing during this trip.

12:20am:. Now everything is starting to speed up. This green spherical motion is happening constantly and my vision is really becoming distorted. The game almost seems red-bar (really laggy),
but it's perfect connection and it's just my time perception becoming distorted to all hell. At this point I can barely play, let alone talk on the game. I will always remember this: My friend decides to
call 1-800-4my-xbox and he starts yelling "My friend did acid! hes sitting here in my game tripping and hes making me lose! help!" At this point, I'm laughing hysterically.

12:30am: I look at my arm and notice I can see my hair growing on it. This is an unbelievable realization. At this point I realize that I am a living creature. At this point I'm just trying to figure out what
the hell is even happening at this very moment, then soon after realize that this substance is just as much of a mind-fuck as life itself. My ego at this point vanishes. my vision almost disappears and
I start to "see" a tree form into a woman and man, almost in a perfect connection. This is a result of pure love. After seeing this, It starts to flicker between this vision  and another vision that's trying
to work its way into frame. The second vision is an alien ship with a bunch of creatures attached to it by wires. It was an understanding to me that I'm letting technology take over my mind. This kind
of freaked me out because in a way it was completely true. Now my thoughts shift and now they are starting to make my visions shift as well. I see a bunch of triangular black bodies with eyeballs as
the heads, and they keep looking at their wrist, then my vision zooms in at them and the black figures are telling me how to think. (make sure of this, make sure of that, what time is it, do i look
good today?) I start seeing this fetus with an umbilical cord. At this point my decision is to think for myself, or let others think for me.

1:30am: At this point, I'm just sitting in my room in the dark hysterically laughing and saying "what the f***" while getting thought loops and visually tripping out of my skull.

3:00am  I start to get thirsty and I go to take a drink from a cup of Dr Pepper I poured previously, and start coughing it up. I immediately start asking myself if i have really been drinking that all of my
life. It's literally poison. I go down to my fridge and start eating fruit salad and contemplating how much of a relaxed mindset our species has strained to become. The fact that we can literally walk
down and open a storage container with a selection of food in it is absolutely fascinating to me at this point. I'm sitting here patting my dog and wondering why I own a pet. What do I gain out of
having a pet? Do I actually have this pet so that I can feel better about myself? Do I have it to help her live a better life?

3:30am: I walk outside and stare at the stars. It's the most beautiful thing I have ever seen in my life. All the colors and possibilities in that single sky. It's also 12F degrees outside at this point so I
can't stay out there too long.

4:00am: Around this point I am mainly sober but still kind of "fried" I head inside and turn on some Netflix and watch Surviviorman. While watching it, I reflect on the trip and try to put it into perspective. I pretty much just sat there and thought about the trip up until i could fall asleep at 10:00am.

So that sums up my first "real" psychedelic experience. It was a lot more than I bargained for 100%, but I do not regret it. That experience will stay with my for my entire life and I have learned so
much from it. If this substance is done in the right mindset, It could most certainly have unheard of benefits. well thanks for reading my report. cheers!

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