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Absorbed into the TV

Note: Written while high, about first time trip.

Note: Written while high, about first time trip. Some details of the situation:
Location and time: USA, North Carolina, at home at 2 am
Substance: Psilocybe cubensis, bought an 1/4 for 60 dollars and took about half the bag.

It was a Saturday night and I had slept alot, because I had spent all night getting music for the party. Needless to say, while I was at the party I smoked a SHITLOAD out of a nice bong, and was offered and bought about a fourth of shrooms for 60 bucks, and I was told to eat half. After I arrived at home , and put my things away, I got in my pajamas and ate the shrooms with wheat, thins, I had eaten some Wendies and Goodberries (ice cream) before arriving home. I ate about half the shrooms with wheat thins, the taste is not as unpleasant as everyone makes it out to be, and laid in my chair.

I waited about 20-30 min and decided nothing was happening, maybe I will lay down to wait since I don't feel anything. I laid in bed and didn't even feel it sneaking up on me. All of a sudden the dark was annoying somehow, and it felt like something was missing, I was hot and not tired, I began seeing geometric patterns but thought that it was just what I kept telling myself I would see and nothing more. I saw infitely detailed mandalas and patterns on my eyelids and all over the room, I noticed the room looked a bit different too, somehow strange. I went downstairs, my mom was asleep in bedroom, dad...on couch. I was in nothing but boxers, laid down to a couch right at the TV, and put on comedy central. I watched "The Critic" and "Bob and Margret" laughing the whole time chewing my hands seeing strange disturbances in my visual field, many colors, and thinking I was a cartoon too. Whenever I looked around I kept noticing extreme detail in everything, the whole room looked bigger, and in effect, somehow awesome. I then watched "The lyricist lounge", and then "G-Force on cartoon network, and "Voltron" too. I then watched MTV for the rest of the night/early morning. Dad woke up a fiew times but I just acted strait, no worries. I lost some rationality and did walk around aimlessly, I felt like I wanted to go outside but I did not, knowing this was foolish for some reason (I was almost naked). I did not think much, basically I was just very happy, and moving my fingers felt almost orgasmic. I went to sleep in my moms bed (its king size and so big enough to be far enough away not to wake her up). I woke up feeling refreshed and happy. I do not know if it was being tired, high from before, or from eating alot that day/night, but it was not anything like my SECOND trip, that I call "Unfriendly Atmosphere". I was basically absorbed into the TV and thought what I heard/and saw. It was a thrilling night and I vowed to only trip next time at a more exciting and less risky place.

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