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My First Step

My first psychedelic experience. 8 grams wet.

First, it's worth mentioning that what I ingested in order to induce this trip was quite miniscule. I had one small shroom that looked more like a cigarette butt than anything fungal. It was heavily bruised when I just popped it into my mouth thinking "What the hey.." As I chomped on the mushroom, the true realization that I had finally ingested psychedelics for the first time hit me like a ton of bricks. I was going to trip, or at least feel something. I was aware how low this dose was going to be, and I took consolation that nothing bad would probably happen under this kind of influence.

I needed food. I had been all alone at my place when I decided on a whim to eat my first mushie, so I decided to venture forth having now consumed what was mine. Getting to the store, it had already been about 10 minutes since I ate the mushrooms, and as I began walking around in the store, a sort of physical ease started to take me. The very first thing I noticed was that the floor was kind of whooshing around and that my vision seemed narrower... I thought that this may just be my brain playing the placebo game on me, as the whole visual experience was just sort of coming and going. I didn't think too much about it, and just kept searching for my food.

Having arrived back home, I was feeling sort of stoned. The physical ease by which I mentioned was now a very conscious realization. "I feel so much better after eating that mushroom", I said out loud to nobody except my cat. I was happy that this was potentially the first time I ever felt anything truly psychedelically related.

I entered my bedroom, flipped on the ceiling light, and proceeded to lay down on the floor where there was a lot of room to stretch and relax my shoulders. I laid straight down on my back with my lims completely untangled and just looked up at the light, thinking to myself. I noticed subtle breathing at first in the various paint splotchy patterns on the ceiling. Again, the visual stuff was coming and going and it wasn't affecting me very much, but I didn't care. I was just happy to be relaxed and laying down on my floor in my own home. Continuing to watch the paint patterns on the ceiling, a sudden thought struck me that the same walls and paint patterns that I was watching "breathe" and rotate around in a faint clockwise motion was more than likely the handy work of some fairly average person doing his ordinary day job. I imagined a guy standing on a foot stool to reach the ceiling and painting the walls a solid color. Initially this seems kind of funny to think about because it was so random, but the conclusion I drew laying on the floor was that people are capable of some very beautiful things in the world like these paint swirls that I was now enjoying on my ceiling, and they are also capable of some horrible deeds capable of ruining people's lives, even destroying them. It made me both sad and filled with happiness all at the same time, and life seemed truly amazing in that moment. I shed a couple of tears over that thought and decided to get up and go watch a movie, leaving behind the world of deep on my floor.

By the time I had my movie rolling and was eating some food, the entire feeling had mostly vanished aside from my apparent relaxation, but the experience taught me that these mushrooms are not to be taken lightly and should be respected for what beautiful things they can do for the mind. I'm looking forward to any future experiences I have with these earthy things and know that higher doses will lead me down a path which is much clearer and perhaps even very beautiful.

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