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Don't be greedy.

don't munch just cause they're available!

I'll start off by saying SWIM ate 6g only a week before this, and had no real spiritual or emotional need to have a psychedelic.

SWIM was asked to obtain shrooms for a group of party goers on a friday, and on a whim, after eating huge all day, and with an entirely full Saturday 8AM-10pm, decided to go to the party and zoom with them! SWIM took 2g upon arrival, and after about half an hour of waiting tossed the drugs off to tolerance and and started drinking a big heavy 9% beer. After 2 sips things started to get moving. SWIM immediately felt that the shrooms did not want SWIM in their space and that he would be hogging the energy from the people who were good to trip. SWIM went to air out in the kitchen and there was an autistic little brother playing with dinosaur toys, so SWIM had a bit of a conversation with him about his dinos but SWIM got real freaked and had to bail. SWIM found a register blowing cold air which helped a lot, and it was right at a screen and patio sliding door. If you ever get the chance, look at the purple outlining of everything within those doors. You can see it straight, but on shrooms the reflections of your body and the purple tinge, mixed with everything outside is a sight to see. SWIM stayed there until the host asked him to not since he was leaning really hard into tHee screen door.
Consider it peaked,

More people, mostly really drunk people started showing up, so SWIM went to talk to a girl who was tripping too and who was really hot. Turns out she was really turnes on during the trip and wanted to hook up, which didn't happen immediately but is a story for another journey ;)

But if you remember the purple tinge I was talking about before, it's a visual that recurs in SWIMs trips and its the purple you'd see in a Club in a rap video, it was surrounding this girl and was super cute.

Going to socialize more, SWIM picked up the beer again and finished it over the course of 3 conversations, the last of which he was bullied and challenged to a fight in. SWIMs been fighting trolls a lot scarier than you since 9 o clock, so you won't intimidate him.

When SWIM got home at about 3am, He had 5 hours to sleep. Those 5 hours were spent apologizing to himself and his body for having such a stupid trip, but also rapidly reevaluating his life. Alcohol and psylocybin aren't sleeping agents by any standard. tried smoking some weed but it just made it worse. didnt sleep at all that night and paid for it all weekend.

Don't be greedy trippers. 2 week intervals in good settings!!

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