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Another Batch, Another Journey 5.7g

Back with the bro's

Tripped once before with these 2 besties, but in a rough setting (cold garage). Now they got their own apartment in the city and I went up for a weekend of bonding :) 

Friday night we went to a movie and just sort of chilled around the house. The next day we slept in late and went to the record store/headshop and did our best to fast, but they talked me in to a couple egg rolls. By the time we got home it was only 3pm and we wanted to wait until dark (630) to feast in case the maintenance dude came to fix the leaky sink before dinner time. What ensued was a dark anxious period of Hookah sessions and the Bronies documentary until we couldn't take the pressure anymore and ate. They each had 4g and I had close to six. We were going to clean the place up a bit while they kicked in, The shrooms said WRONG

5 minutes and we had to brace ourselves for impact. We really got taken off guard and it took us at least a half hour to start using the trip instead of flailing around trying to dodge it. I remember laying in a certain area trying to tame my stomach and the wealth of negativity surrounding me (lights were dim, thinking about chicks etc) and sort of blacked out for a bit until the music,

We decided not to preplan any music and let ourselves flow into whatever we wanted to listen to, and my buddy has been on a huge Joy Division kick, a band I've been waiting to get into for NO reason at all. He put Unkown Pleasures on and it set the mood for the rest of the night. I became overwhelmed with euphoria and began bawling during the song Day of the Lords. This is where my biggest moment was, and I'll try to paraphrase as much as I can. I fucking blaabbbed about this theme until they told me to chill the fuck out and listen to the album.

Im finishing grade 12 right now and they graduated last year and got their own place, This was finally the purpose in life. Fuck going to college, and doing more of the same, we're gonna hang out at record stores and listen to fuckin Joy Division, watch UFC every weekend, go to every screening at every hipster theater, drink all the PBR and smoke all the weed we want, and let all the drugs and sex and love and music melt together like it should, and fuck whatever expectations anyone without this attitude is gonna try and place on me.

How fucking liberating to finally snap through and say to myself, "I'm gonna live like an artist until I am the artist". With this thought immediately came the contrast. People that get busted are people exactly like us hahaha. But that was squashed pretty quick, and we just talked and madejokes off of every word for a couple hours. 

I did stumble into dehydration that tripped me up in the bathroom for like 5 minutes. Dudes were out having a cigarette and I got locked up and started feeling really hot and sick and needed a glass of water but couldn't move. Took me minutes to move 3 paces to the sink and ho!d myself under the water. After that I shed some layers, sat in my boxers and a comfy tee shirt, cracked a beer and watched the rest of the fights (UFC169) While we came down.

Definitely in my top 3 trips, in the >20 I've had :)

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