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MDMA report

what does it feel like?

So, yesterday a friend of me asked me to write a tripreport of the last time we did MDMA and he told me he would do the same of his experience. Here we go..


This new years eve me and my friends S,J,A,N,C(male) and L,K(female) went to a club in Amsterdam. We had pills of about 200mg. C,K and I were already experienced with MDMA and it would be the first ecstasy experience for J,A and N. S and L used a herbal drug. First we had to wait a while in the row in front of the club. I had hidden my little drug package under my belt (most of the time I hide it in my butt crack) and the bouncer searched me for drugs (they do that to everyone) he pushed on my belt a few times so that was pretty nerve-wracking, but nothing was found so we went inside the club. Around 23:00 I took about 1/2 of the pill. So I would be able to feel it around midnight when all the fireworks would go off. First I was feeling a little nausea but that soon ended when the effects started to kick in, At about 23:45 I started to feel all the good emotions and my skin started to feel really pleasant. Every touch started to feel like a little orgasm. At the time the clock hit 00:00 everyone started hugging each other and wishing each other a happy new year. When I look back on the whole experience it felt like it was over in less than an hour and my memories of it are not in a chronological order but I will try to describe the most of it. I remember walking towards the toilet a lot just to refill my bottle of water and a lot of times I had to wait for a friend there, so just like normally when I get bored I started to look around very conscious and try to become aware of every visual, auditory and physical sensation in that moment. I noticed that the thoughts that I had were very clear and they felt like they made a lot of sense, I also noticed that when talking to friends al the ethic rules you normally use are just gone, so in a way you can talk about a lot more things than you normally do with your friends, the conversations are a lot more open and you respect each other's meanings much more because you don't really have that constant urges to go against someone's opinion. The way MDMA makes your mind open is definitely a totally different way than the way shrooms do. With MDMA the most introverted persons might even become social and starts hugging and enjoying talking to everyone. It really is a drug that makes you an enlightened being for a short period of time. I don't want to get al hippie and all, but MDMA really makes you feel that every person is made out off the same life energy and that we are all equal.

So yea.. back to those visual, auditory and physical sensation... I started to slowly look around very mindful and conscious at the whole club, there were no visual distortions, everything just seemed the way it had always been. There where times during previous MDMA experiences where I had some mild hallucinations of crush barriers standing in the crowds and a lot of times even this time I thought I was seeing the faces of people that I know but when I took a better look it was just a random person (friends of me also experience this a lot). I did really enjoy having eye contact with people and sometimes starting conversations with random people, it always feels great to do. You always feel like your conversational partner is having a great time because the MDMA makes your brain respond less to negative facial expressions. But most of the time even when you are starting a conversation with a really big (unfriendly looking, when sober) guy, the energy that you bring to that person just gives them a smile most of the time. They feel the positive vibe that you bring with you so there is no opportunity for your brain to filter out the negative facial expressions because they don't have any :)

Alright next up we have the auditory sensations! The first few times I used MDMA in my life people told me that music starts sounding a lot more beautiful. I always thought that the music would actually morph into another type of sound so that was what I was always trying to find. But the only reason music sounds more beautiful is because your brain just adds a little ''sweet touch'' to it, no auditory distortions or what so ever. In general everything you see, hear and feel just gets interpreted really pleasant by your brain. You constantly feel really happy because of the massive amounts of serotonin squirting into your brain. The feeling that you have in your body is hard to recall, but inside you just feel very pleasant and warm. And when you hug someone it is just one of the best feelings there is, especially when that person is also using MDMA, you can just stand in the middle of the crowd and share that moment of joy and empathy and you just know that that person is feeling exactly the same good feelings you are feeling that moment. That night I also took my trippy goggles with me, these goggles diffuse al the light that hits the glasses. It makes a laser show totally amazing to watch. White light gets separated into al these really sweet warm colors and you really get inside your own nice and warm dreamy world when you wear them under the influence of MDMA. The little problem we had with these pills was that the high feeling came with waves so some of my friends thought the trip was almost over and popped another half. This was also the case with my friend N, all he could do after a while was standing there with the trippy goggles and just feel good. I had the total opposite of that, I thought after a few waves that it was another wave so I was waiting for the euphoric feelings to come back but after a while I realized the pill was just working out. After taking another half the good feelings started to get back, I danced a lot and a while later me, C and K went to the smoking area of the club. I normally never ever smoke cigarettes but once every half year when I use MDMA I love to smoke a cigarette. The inhalations just feels little tingly (just like spicy food it is pleasant and unpleasant at the same time) and a few seconds later you feel the nicotine reaching your brain and you just get shivers down your spine, you let go of your eye and yaw muscles and just have a extremely relaxing feeling. Thank god I'm not prone to addiction! The biggest part of the night was a little blurry, yea brain damage I know. It was as usual a overall really nice experience, a lot of hugs, happy thought, pleasant conversations and love.


If you enjoyed reading this I might write some trip reports of upcoming and previous shroom trips.

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