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I don't exist. Time does not exist. Life does not exist. God is just a spec of something much bigger.

5.50g GDL P. Cubensis

This was a late night trip in my home. A couple hours after a light dinner I ate the mushrooms. Right after I ate them (with OJ) my wife went to bed (she did not trip this time, it was a solo trip.) I waited until I started to feel the effects and then went to bed as well. The room was almost pitch black, just very faint light coming from the window. This trip was done in silence.

This was by far my most profound experience and very long trip ("mushroom time" wise, not "real" time)

During the come up, I started to hear a lot of different noises, mainly like buzzing and electric type of noises. As far as visuals I saw a lot of sacred geometry type of shapes, all colors and shape. The colors were amazingly bright and very detailed (despite being in the dark.)

After I while tripping, I felt a very intense jolt that it almost popped my hearts and my whole body felt it.This usually happens when I start to peak.

Time dilatation was beyond amazing, is like time literally stop. To the point that once I heard a bike accelerating on the distance and after for what it felt a very long time, the same bike was still passing by. I realized I was nothing, I did not had a body, I was just consciousness... and realized that our bodies are just illusions.

I was able to travel in time, go back to when I was a small child and tap into those memories, see through the eyes of myself as a child in this very own life time.

I was also able to do remote vision easily, there was a chopper flying by and I focused my energy on the pilot. I was able to see through his eyes, see the chopper controls (never been in one) and even I would hear the noises of the radio transmissions among the pilots.)

I realized that life is exactly a joke like "A Truman show." Everything is just a projection of our mind and our consciousness, but I believe that we are in an illusion that does not exist. Everything happening around us is just an illusion and I was able to prove it during this trip. During the entire night, several events repeated (a chopper flying by, a dog barking, a bike driving down the street...) and when you stopped focusing on said events, they just vanished... we are in a dream and our brains are projecting the reality, until brains fuctionaily is compromised (shrooms) and reality just falls apart.

I started to realize how awesome life could be if we all where in the same boat. I felt absolute bliss and I felt amazing feelings of love and gratefulness for my work here at earth. I felt very happy to be able to do psychic readings for people who are lost as well as being able to enjoy life myself. I wished for them all to reach the bliss I was able to reach.

I then realized that time did not exist. I was in some sort of void of nothingness and for what felt several hours or maybe even days, it was only a few minutes in the clock. That brought me even more bliss because I was able to break the space/time continuum and almost control the time dilatation during this trip. It felt to me like the shroom trip was never going to end, but at the same time, time in "reality" would never pass either. I've been under this for what it felt days.

I took huge travels around our planet, our galaxy and even other galaxies. This would be a tedious to read trip if I shared all...

I then started to realize that we take all for granted, the air we are breathing, our eyes... everything, and started to thank everything that surrounds us and keep this "reality" alive.

Time was so frozen that I was able to withness how many amazing things happen during just one second of "real time." Have you ever imagined what happens every second around this planet? You would not even imagine how many things are happening at the same time.

In addition of all of this, I went into the "classic" mindfuck that we all love about the purpose of existence, about how much of a spec we are and that there is always something bigger and greater, a loop that never ends.

I then saw some sort of beings of light... They had a greater light that Source/God itself... much, much greater and mightier... Source/God as we know it, it is just another spec... the greatness of existance is much, much more. I then took a journey that lasted months... I appeared myself in a different planet, where beings of light were creating universes, constantly... new existance being created in front of my eyes, and some of other of these beings were feeding on those galaxies... I was able to witness colors that are different from the colors we know here, this is hard to explain but I am sure some of you know what I am saying... I tried to keep going further and deeper, and just trying to go higher would take hours... And I would feel huge buzzings in my body and hear massive electric sounds... as I tapped into trying to go higher, the intensity of these buzzings increased... this was an amazing experience...

I had moments of laugh, a lot of silly laugh realizing how self-center the human being is and how we focus on our little nose and forget the amazement of the world around us. I also started to realize that we were surrounded of symbolism, both good and bad, and thta we were just like puppets.

At about 5am my come down started. My come downs are always pretty positive, but this one I felt a lot of nausea and dizziness, I went back to bed (needed to go pee when this happened) and had cold sweat and nausea, but I focused my mind and did some reiki on mysef and within one minute everything went away. The come down kept happening but it was comfortable.

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