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then young now gone.

I was young. About 14 years old young. Like 5 of us had all pitched in for an Ounce of Shrooms. The ounce fit in a brown paper bag. A lunch sack. Caps as big as coffee cups. Shrooms whiter than cocaine. I got an 8th of em. I couldn't finish the whole sack. There was probably a cap or two left over. While I had to go home the rest were off to a party. I didn't really think i wanted to join them. Two hours had gone by. I wasn't feeling a thing.
 I decide to smoke some good ol' pot. As i inhaled from the tin foil pipe, the smoke filling my lungs, enahanced the come up instantly on the exhale. I begin to laugh. The shadows of my backyard began to take a sinister look. Shadows concentrating in shadows. 
A darkness unfolding. I took about three hits of weed then went back inside aw struck, giggling to my room. There i began to laugh very very uncontolably. Rolling under the coffee table, on my bed, everywhere! I was laughing insanely. 
The visuals I know today don't ring photographic memory of the then experience. I was tripping so damn hard. Nothing like I've ever heard explained to me on this website. I watched the news. And The faces were absolutely grotesque. Just mabbiling and babbeling. Eyes drifting with moles and seemingly retarded speech like dogs gnawing while laughing and eating. Petrafied by not the happiest astonishment of the sheer whackness i was seeing. I managed to play games. A game. Bully by Rockstar on PS2.  DAMN the screen was just pure glitter and i could not do anything but hold the controller and laugh like i my laughter was leaving me to never come back again.
                 Next I think I was making calls to my friends. I think I was saying how I couldn't breathe. It was so hard to breathe during the trip. I felt like I was going to be got. My friends told me not to be worried. I think i spent twenty miniutes on the phone with them. I was overwhelmed by this Mania Mania Madness happening.
                Threes Company was on TV Land.  All I could see was their faces while everything on the screen was like a radience of every color imagineable. Then I heard the water running. From the bathtub. Yelling was my mother's voice. What has he had to drink today?? What's going on with him?? Put him in cold water call an ambulance! I think thats where i Must have been ever seperated from myself and actually must have died.  
                     I was absolutly motionless. I could not move. My mind was slug to the depervation, the anxiety occuring, it was horrible. I must have been punched by it hard. Hard. 
I called my girlfreind at the time. I told her kind of the same things i told my friend. She told me to have a cold glass of water. My speach was so quiet. It must have sounded like I was years away in space.
She asked me about that conversation years later after we had broken up 5 or 8 times. I didn't recolect it at all. The girl I had lost my virginity to in Summer school four years later was friends with my ex. I saw them converse but never with me together. The ex was pregnant.  not by me yo.
I think i can genuinly believe that everyone I know are aliens. they are seperted so far from my mind and there observance creates the visage in the visages moods of all and the condition of everything or that they have me on life support. Anyway. 

Back to the trip. Further more why I may have been seperated from the reality i knew and began in death. My little brother came into my room crying about his tooth hurting. Crying Crying. It did not make since. I don't know if he was really there or if i had been paralyzed on my bed.  I showed him to my mother and went he left. I was stunned. I love that guy. My little brother. We were laughing together while i was tripping out of every vessel of my brain. He was five at the time. Him and I were pretty close. That night I made a pipe out of an aluminum flashlight the color blue. Maybe it was made already and ready there for me.  I found shwag pieces in the creveces of the coffee table legs where the carpets meets them. I smoked the ganja. and i can only compare its feeling s a flug in my throat. like smoking a cigarette on shrooms puts a leaf in your throat. Know what im saying? As I tried to relax I was afraid of going to sleep. I just feared i was going to die to sleep. I kept this way til i just woke up the next morning.

    Reunited with my friends they knew I was burnt out, I could feel it. I was groggy. I couldnt keep my head up it was like I took some seroquel. Then my friend goes, " You need some wake up!" wake up up wake up wake up... Later that night we got some pure coke. Cure. I was not ever lagged out like a shitty program again. Ever again!  This was the first of my many exeriences I had for the rest of the summer and that year. I would take shrooms many times, LSD and ecstacy. Ill have to report a lil bout the other trips later! If you read all this   Thank you! Peace and Fullfillment to you all. Love and Grace!

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