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My ego death

deaths real

Okay so about three weeks before my ego death i had taken two hits of Nbome 25i and my stomach started cramping really bad like it was scary how bad i was cramping and i had almost died ... so death was really close to me but i got threw it i told myself  i would never do it again . Three weeks later me and my friend david got some shrooms they where just california gold caps we have done about 7 grams of amazonians and tripped balls so we didnt think much of these shrooms.. thats where we fucked up NEVER UNDERESTIMATE PSYCHEDELICS !!! okay so we have four grams each of these gold caps we grind em up put them in a cup and let them soak in lemon juice for about 20 minutes weve noticed thats the easiest and most efficiant way to take them.. so we eat the shrooms and its been about 20 minutes and im looking at my closet door and the lines start moving very wierdly so im like  woah thats cool.. my mom comes in and says good night to us and i say good night i go to close the door and the door knob melts trough my fingers and its gone its no longer on my door i was stuck in my room (( my first really physically changing trip)) so we put on the movie emporers new groove to take our mind away from the freaky stuff you know and wer are watching its cool cusco can hang and my tv screen starts throwing out colors from the movie and splatting on my wall that was pretty cool i then notice that the tv looks hollow almost like i could reach in and touch the characters so i tried and what do you know i can grab the colors and the people in the emporers new groove they felt like plato it was strange .. now my friend david is starts crying because he was really thinking deep about his life and wasnt really liking what he was seeing and that sadness rubbed off on me i start thinking about my life and my demons started to come out ... i started thinking about almost dying from the 25i (( proabably the worst thought i could have ever thought about )) and as davids crying cusco turns into a llama ad he starts crying so i said at least we dont have llama drama hahaha it was funny but the thought of death was still in my mind .... so i close my eyes for a bit trying to let my trip calm down .. i open my eyes  and whats above me was death.. it looked just like a death eater from harry potter and it had skelaton hands i couldnt see its face .. and it told "nows your time dont be scared" it laid my hands across my chest and im no longer in my room i am now a skelaton in a coffin !!! it then said i died and there was nothing i could do to go back so to not try .... so im in this coffin deaths over me and im a skelaton and it still tlaking to me its telling me alot of freeky stufff ... and the scariest thing about death is realizing the person you could have become .. it then says "Hunter do you know what religion is?" i said "i have an idea " and  then he said "its people who are scared of death"  (( he reffered to himself as death )) i then starteed living my life over and over in this coffin it felt like i was in there for eternity i honestly 100 percent thought that i had died .. i thought of all of the things that i had taken for granted i thought of my family that i would never see again i thought of the fresh air that i would never smell again and then he told me " thats all i wanted you to know and opens the coffin and disapears ... my friend david was just looking at me and holding my hand because he knew what i was going threw wasnt good ... just seeing my room was a relief .. i felt my face and i was honestly thinking it was just my mind playing tricks on me and that i was still dead but i wasnt i was back and i have never been so greatful in my whole life .... i will never take life for granted again it is truly the most fragile thing of all so appreaciate it ! and that is my shroom trip ... PS we also were way dehydrated and only eatin an orange that day

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