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Absolut Shroomage

at a party on saturday i decided to do shrooms.

at a party on saturday i decided to do shrooms.... 5 grams of them. i mixed the shrooms with rum and coke and drank the foul tasting things down at 6:45 pm. 10 minuets later the 'what have i done' feeling came and passed, then the gut rot feeling came and passed. at about 7:15 i was feeling a strong fast paced tingling in my arms and i noticed colors became brighter. other people had arrives at the party and one person needed beer so me, my friend adam (who has done shrooms many times) and matt went to the local beer and wine store. during the car ride there i only felt more and more tingling in my body... and when we got to the store things got really weird. matt went to stand outside to get a boot while adam and i talked in the car. the world was streatching in weird ways.... the car was much to wide and both me and my friend adam looked very fat. knowing this was the drugs, i told adam what the world looked like and made him promise that he'd take care of me and prevent me from doing anything stupid. he wanted to straighten out his tires so he asked me to tell him when they were strait. i looked out the window and saw that the tires were 'breathing' and i told adam when i thought they were strait. i started talking to adam about the upcoming school year when matt came back all excited because he got his beer. neither me nor adam really liked matt. we started to drive home and i had to take a piss and so did adam so we stopped at a petro canada gas station and i was amazed at how the sunset was so beautiful. we got out of the car and i went to the bathroom. i noticed that everything had a red tint to it like i had glasses with red lenses on. i was also amazed that my white shirt had many checker like patterns in it and that a face appeared in the rinkles. when i flushed the urinal, the water that rushed down wouldnt stop, but the bowl wasnt filling up with any more water, i stood there staring at the urinal for a while and then left. there were so many interesting things in the store of the gas station, i waited for adam to pay for the gas he got and we went back to the car. matt had moved into the front seat and insisted on sitting there and adam was too pissed off at him to argue so he didnt and i sat in the back seat. sitting upright made me feel like i was going to fall so i laid down and put my feet on the window and i felt better. the car ride back to the party was interesting as the tingling spreat to my whole body. when i got back to the party many people had arrived and i went to say hi to them. everyone was standing aroung on the basketball court and i made a complete trip around the court without saying anything to anyone because i would think of somthing to say to one person, then go to the person to say it to them but then a new thought would come into my head and i'd go to the next person to say somthing to them and so on. i felt dizzy then so i sat down on the grass. sitting made me feel very small. the world was streched in one way, in a line. if this line was vertical, then everythging seemed tall and thin. when the line was horizontal, everything seemed short and fat. this line was spinning around which mabe me dizzy. i also felt like gravity wasnt pulling down towards the ground anymore. it felt as though i could go to the wall and walk up the side of it, being at a right angel to everyone else on the groung in 'real' gravity. well people were already starting to drink and the host of the party was holding a cup that was overflowing, and she wasnt standing up strait. although the cup was overflowing there wasnt a wer spot on the ground. a million thoughts were racing through my head and there was just too much to think about. i got up to walk about because i felt restless and i ended up getting into a beer fight with some other people. in the fight i broke a cigar adam had into two peices. when i picked up the peices it felt like it crumbled in my hands but when other people held it it was in two intact peices. after our beerfight, i tried to drink some soda but couldnt because it was too tickely and foamy. all the little bubbels were alive and it was just interesting. also the can was breathing and the mouth changed from a wide mouth on some beer cans to a regular mouth on soda cans. i looked at the moon and the evening sky. my eyes were playing tricks on me because everything looked weird. you know those 3D pictures that need the red and blue glasses, well the world looked like one of those pictures without using the glasses and the blue was actually aqua green. there was 3 of everything, a regular one, a red one, and a green one. then in the sky many small checker like patterns formed and i saw my face in the empty sky. this was very interesting and all but i wanted to go swimming. i went to the bathroom to put my swimming trunks on and i had to piss agin. the same gushing toilet thing happened and when i looked in the mirror my eyes were VERY dilated. when i looked into the mirror and looked at my HUGE pupils, my face reminded me of a triangel, which reminded me of a typical alien's face, which reminded me of an atomic bomb explosion. then i swear i saw an atomic bomb explosion in my eye. this connected the circle of thoughts in my mind and i was happy. i turned around and faced the bathroom door. it was varnished wood and the tree rings were very evident eccept they kept increasing in number until it looked like the tree was 1000 years old then the number went down to about 5 and i left the room.
the world continued to spin as i dove into the deep end of the pool. being underwater was unusual. it felt like the water was squishing me and the pressure was amplified. the water also felt thicker then it was, like swimming in jell-o. there were complex patterns on the surface of the water as the rippels went across the pool. when i went underwater and opened my eyes there was an image of me looking back at me and it was made of water. all the water in the pool was like one entity. i couldnt feel the water or the tempature of the water, i was loosing the ability to feel anything. the water felt cold to me but it was actually 90 degrees f. i also thought i could breath water and i had to prevent myself from trying because i knew it would hurt, but it really felt like i could. when someone splashed water onto the deck, the deck quickly sucked up the water, every last drop. this happened numerous times throught the evening. people in the pool would dissapear. i thought i was talking to my best friens and suddenly she just dissapeared. this happened many times with many different people. also the world had no strait lines.everything was twisted and warped and moving. the once rectangle windows were shaped like bottles which reminded me of the absolut vodka ads. Absolut Shroomage! after swimming for some time i got out to talk to everyone at the party. the other people were just drunk because noone was smoking up till midnight. as i walked aroung the yard, random thoughts were poping into my head... purple... orange... funny... laughing.... dictionary... then these thoughts paired up into purple is funny... orange is laughting... and particles are small.. particles are small made me laugh uncontroably i was laughing so hard that i would fall down and other drunk people would laugh with me but only because i was laughing. after that i went back to the pool house because i was cold. i went back into the pool and talked to adam. i told him that i couldnt feel my body and that i couldnt smell anything. both my sence of smell and touch didnt work very well. adam was also cold and he suggested we sit in the shower cause the shower was warm. (no nothing sexual) we went to the shower and i sat down cause the world was still spinning and adam was standing. i looked at the tiles and saw smaller tiles inside of the larger tiles. there were yet smaller tiles inside of the smaller tiles and so on. the tiles seemed to go on for infinity. i told adam this and we had a long disscussion about infinity. i told him my staircase to infinity theory.- imagine a staircase. the first step is one meter heigh and the next step is half the height of the former step, so half a meter. this staircase would go on forever but never reach a door 2 meters off the ground.- now he thought this was interesting and all but he was restless. i got the ball i had brought and turned off the lights. the ball glowed in the dark and was very facinating. not only did it glow but it changes shape too. the glowing was also delayed. it took several seconds for the ball to glow after i turned out the light. when we got bored of the ball and the shower was too hot, i decided to go swimming again. after a quick dip in the pool i went to find my cloths and get changed. the funny thing was that to me there was no differance between wet cloths and dry cloths, they both felt the same. after i got changed i went back into the pool room and a smoke filled the room. it seemed to be comming from the the furnace room's door and i went and opened the door. there was no drywall in that room and the smoke started getting sucked up into the insulation, the pink insulation had dark stains on it. faces of withered people appeared on in the stains and they were looking at me. all the smoke in the room got sucked into the insulation.
gravity was still not working right and the visual 'spinning' was still happening. the three of everything was also still working. the whole night i was trying to keep track of time to see how time was distorted. i did this by listening to the music that was being played. (there is an awesome stero system in the pool room) time seemed to slow down, be regular and speed up during different songs. in some song an endless drum roll started to annoy me, or another song would go so quickly that i didnt know what song it was, i was eating all dressed chips which tasted like ketchup, salt and vinigar, sour cream and onion, BBQ, and dill pickle. each chip was one of these flavors. then k's choice's not an addict came on and people were singing it very loudly. i joined them and then and my attention shifted to a crack in the floor which was getting bigger. when i toughed it it shrank. i went outside to ask someone if the crack was really there and everyone was several people were smoking weed. one of my friends hadn't smoked up in a long time was talking to me or at least i herd her talking to me. she was standing in an odd position and wasnt moving at all. this reminded me of the catipillar sitting on a mushroom and smoking in the movie alice in wonderland. she was holding a joint to her lips. it looked like a picture; time had stopped- eccept for the fact that the joint was being smoked very quickly and then it came back until it was whole again and then it was smoked again. then time started to move again and she started laughing.
it was 1100 and i decided to play with sparkleres. first i had to get a candle. there were many small candels that had been lit for several hours and i picked up one. as i walked to the basketball court, i tripped and spilt some wax on my hand. i rubbed my hands together to get the wax off. as i rubbed my hands more and more was was appearing on my hands. they felt like i had dipped them in wax and that i had a second skin of wax. i lookes at my hands and there was no wax on them. also there was no wax on the ground where the peices would have fallen. then i lit several sparkelers and was spinning aroung as they burned. after they were out. glowing lines appeared in the shape of a satan star that was as big as my whole feild of vision. i lit more sparkelers and held them above my head. the sparkels rained down to the ground and didnt go out. there were thousands of sparkels on the ground and suddenly all the sparkels dissapeared and the world seamed very dark. i went to listen to music in the garage. there were two people making out in the garage so i left quickly but on kim's (one of the people) face there was a really large ugly cold sore.. and it wasnt there before the party so i assumed it was the drugs. i went to find adam and talk to him. there were people laying on the grass because they couldnt walk because they were too drunk. i went to find adam. he was sleeping in his van. i went to talk to him, we talked about erika, who was going to ask adam out. adam told me to tell erika not to ask him out but she was too drunk and asked him out anyway. adam had rejected her. i was listening to adam tell me how he likes erika but didn't want a relationshp with her. because we were talking in the far the windows started to fog up. there were many interesting things coming out of the window. mainly there were faces, a skull and crossbones, animals, and many many tiny alien heades. as i looked at the window, more and more things started to appear. this reminder me that a friend told me to look at my hands when i was tripping and i did. my hands looked funny and i could almost see the blood pumping through my veins. also colors were more vibrant and the different shades stood apart from eachother. somthing flashed my eye and i turned very rapidly to look at it. the next thing i next thing i new was that i would look up and there was the car floor, but i didnt feel like i was upside down. this was an interesting feeling and i sat upright again. adam was sleeping now and i got out of the car to look at the teddybear i was seeing in the trees. other people came to talk to me. in another tree there was a lion. my glasses felt funny on my face and i took them off to look at them. they looked bent but i wasnt about to try and fix them because i didnt want to break them more. i put the glasses on the dashboard of adam's van and went back into the backyard.
by this time many people had left and some people were going to sleep. the people who were still awake were all sitting in the garage. they looked funny because even in the lighted garage i couldnt tell one person from another. they all looked the same. the only person i knew was fore sure who she looked like was my best friend natanya. i went to the pool room to go to the bathroom then i sat at the edge of the pool. natanya came in and talked to me. she was wearing these checkered pants that she was wearing looked like cords and like jeans at diffferent times. she was asking how i was feeling and i told her that the world was still distorted and that the room was weird. there was a border around the room and it confused me because it looked like it was higher one one side but natanya assured me it wasnt. also in the pool was a large blow up alligator. the alligator was acting funny. it's hard to describe it but in relationship to the pool the aligator wasn't moving. but in relationship to it's self the aligator was spinning and moving aroung the pool. natanya and i talked for a long time and then she took me outside to show me that stars. it looked like the whole sky was filled with stars just some wern't as bright as others. she showed me the constlations that were out and we talked for about 2 hours on the grass.
the world was still spinning, pop cans were still gasping for air and strait lines wern't strait when i fell asleep on a towel on the pool room deck

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