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first time 3g B+

was not enjoyable

i was a bit anxious to say the least about mushrooms, i hadn't experimented with illegal drugs before.

my mate dave told me to have 10g , but i looked up on the internet and realised dave was a douchebag.

i had 1g and waited for 15 minutes but felt nothing, or maybe a bit like tired, although that maybe was because i was tired so i had 2 more grams.
fifteen minutes later i didn't feel anything.

i was going to have some more, but got distracted as dog the bounty hunter (my all time favorite program) was on the telly.
fifteen minutes later i was TRIPPING BALLS.

i felt energetically supercharged, all i wanted to do was do handstands against the wall and relive my childhood - it was AMAZING.

i was melting in to the wall, it was like a reverse, inside out swimming pool, but reversed

then i felt it - an amazing epiphany, i felt warm tingly sensations all down my spine, from my buttocks to the base of my neck.

it turned out to be VERY liquidy diarrhea.

i am NEVER doing mushrooms EVER again.

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