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The all-seeing eye and the self

11:00 - The monkey dropped 1 sugar cube in his tongue. He kept it in his mouth as if it was a primordial soup of mud waiting to expand itself.

12:00 - It seems that it took a while to come up, as if slowly but surely. At exactly 12, these wonderful colors started to become really vivid, those eyes were hungry for light but there is no such images is percieved. Decided if will take another drop of lucy they will really come onto existence. It was a moment of serenity and silence.

1:00 - Decided that will take a blunt amount of Grandaddy purple in a finely-rolled tightstick, the stereotypical effect which they call walls breathing and things moving is so modest as if the common man has been really giving himself unnecessary pressure for such bizzare information. Halfway accross the border, uhh there we go now the monkey holding the tightstick hid this roach in a special container. 

1:30 - The monkey was having fun, although it was dark in the confined room, all he can see in the surroundings were the light of a special candle and the time in a digital clock. Apperantly he was tuning in, for he was hearing a very, very loud and clear ringing in his relatively stupid brain, it continued for a while then it exploded when he tried to listen on some Maynard. "So light in his way,Like an apparition,He had me crying out,"Fuck me,It's gotta be,Deadhead Chemistry,The blotter got right on top of me,Got me seein' E-motherfuckin'-T!" (TOOL - ROSETTA STONED). He then realized he almost pissed his pants so he carefully rushed to the comfort room. 

2:15 - Monkey was tripping balls he tried to remove his clothes and looked in jah mirror. He was so tripping balls for he approximately consumed 300 mcg of acid, which was fairly STRONG for the ignorance in his community. He looked in his face in warped and become all sorts of entities, like an old-school animation, his body was full of moving geometric and almost tribal forms, it was of grandeur, it kept on moving on his body as if it was an animation, a program, a robot. He then realized he had to shit so shit he did. The "Comfort" room was a place of imagination, as if everything you think actually occur.

2:40 - Then he finished shitting the bowl, he tried to tune in and try how this crazy thing called music felt. He then listen to some burning (RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE - TAKE THE POWER BACK) lyrics suddenly felt as if the singer was on the same level of breakthrough those people who ingested such acid. Their thinking level is definitely of an enlightened monkey, so question he did. These fallacies seem to be very, very stupid, the monkey realized his temple was an agent of change, which means no SYSTEM or NORM can take over you! We are free, believe uncle BOB and your worries will be free!

6:00 - Coming down now, the levee breaks. Coming down now he realized love and only love is the only religion. Love is my religion, love is how he is made, love yourself! Love those people around you! This monkey faced himself until he had enough basis. He thought he was reborn and is dreaming.

12:00 - The confused monkey realized the warping whoosh booom has not stopped ripping on the universe yet. Food tastes very better, life has never been grand. The monkey now thinks anybody who is confused should drop some acid. 

9:00 - Monkey was hearing firecrackers from kung hei fat choi he decided to go out hot damn he was tripping on the road he thought somebody just shot him. But he was relatively comfortable for he was holding another tightly-rolled shit.

9:30 - He hit the hays and passed out end of story.

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