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140UG LSD trip gets wild - please read, need guidance

Please read, need help and some sort of guidance

Okay so yesterday me, my friend Travis, my friend David (people i've known since 6th grade) all were excited and looking forward to our trip since we haven't had pure L in quite sometime. So yesterday all 3 of us take a 140UG alex grey tab and from 11-2;30 pm everything was okay when we were chilling in the basement, we all 3 randomly in the trip decide to go upstairs and get a glass of water. While upstairs for 3-5 minutes me and my friend David begin to start talking, we begin to start talking about our past trips and experiences in the basement and Travis is just sitting with his back faced against me and David, well in the middle of a conversation I was having with David, Travis pulls an entire 360 on us, he turns around, looks DIRECTLY in my eyes and goes "i'm getting negative negative vibes off you, and points his finger at me" at this time i'm looking into my friends eyes, and i can't explain a "state of mind" but this state of mind wasn't funny, it was no longer my friend, i was looking into a dark red creature that  felt like it was sucking energy from not only me but the entire room and everything around us, i repeatedly ask my friend, what did i do, did i say something to piss you off because i would never try to dog on you or attack you, my friend begins to start pacing back in forth in the room, everything i say he's getting weird vibes off me and my tone & my friend David continues to sit and watch this happen while i'm going through the weirdest trip of my entire life. I look my friend in his eyes and i no longer feel like its him, his face is blank, his tone is different, & in the entire 7-8 years i've known Travis he has NEVER once pointed fingers at me or would try to make me feel "attacked" I felt targeted by him, i felt like he could kill me & it blew my mind out of the water, the Travis i knew for 8 years doesn't even have the potential or negative thoughts for me, we've been the BEST bros for 7-8 years, i'm talking DEEP DMT trips and a 10 stripe of LSD, so this is something that i could never imagine happening. 

So we all go downstairs, the trip forces us, while my friend David sits and doesn't say ONE word, that's whats making me weird, we go downstairs and me and Travis continue to battle eachothers egos, i try to shut up, straight up stop talking and my entire vibe through my body would PULSATE the weirdest feeling i've ever felt before. Me & travis keep asking eachother, what happened up there what happened up there and he's still weirded out just as I am while our friend David watches and observes. So we didn't come to a conclusion by 3 and decided we NEEDED to leave this house, before we left I looked Travis in his eyes and he said we need to leave this house and we both look back at David, David is in the weirdest state of mind and i'm getting negative energy off his body and when he said "we need to leave this house" the energy felt like we were leaving David. So we leave from 3pm-1a.m we drive around in the car trying to figure out what the fuck just happened and who the actual fuck was in my friend. Travis is now coming back to reality and his own-self, his mind is unclear, I could tell we were both confused out of our minds because he said he was seeing negative vibes in me while i was seeing them in him, & our friend David, the ONLY other voice in the room that could of calmed either of us down just sat and watched. While driving around no music is played, nothing but me and my friend battling eachother but in a different way, I would go "dude i don't fucking bring any negative vibes to the table, my door to the david has been shut" he gets upset with me for that comment and goes "I don't bring any of the negative vibes to the table" and my friend David says nothing, sits awkwardly. The entire time we drive around we try figuring out what happened, who let that happen to us and who let the door open. A long long longggg story of trying to get to the bottom of this, we decide to go to the gas station so David can pee, I give David $5 to get me and Travis a water because were going crazy, the first time in our entire existense our egos and souls battled eachother without trying, we both tried to stop and it continued on its own. I'm with God very deeply thats why it's weird this happened. So i give David the $5 he comes back with 2 waters and himself a strawberry protein bar, he says to me "oh yeah i spent some of my money too" when the waters were like $2 and he gives me no change and has the nerve to say that comment, I was mind-blown i was grossed out he would say that and at this time of the trip it wasn't the right time to say it, it was gross. Travis goes "big spender big spender" and David gives him no reply, so we continue to drive around in awe and SO disgusted at what happened earlier because i don't have 1 ounce of hatred or 1 drip of negativity for Travis. This is a type of friend i'd go out of my way and die for, like in on actualization die for. We continue to drive around and it gets around 7pm where we go bacck to the gas station so David can pee, we drop him off and pull up on the other side of the gas station. Me & Travis start talking alone, I go bro i have nothing but love for you and you know it and he goes thats the thing i have nothing but love for you too and i go i would never let the Devil or whatever happened to day EVER happen to you and i know you wouldn't to me, so who let it in because i know we wouldn't. We begin to start thinking about it more clear and looking at David in general, asking ourselves would he actually die for us or is he a true friend because he has been quiet this ENTIRE time while his 2 "best friends" is what i had thought were going insane towards eachother. We get to a point in the convo where i'm saying it has to be Dave man there is no way i would let that happen to you and i know you wouldn't let it happen to me, okay so this is the crucial part of the trip, i told you we moved sides and when David came out he obviously didn't see us on the side we first dropped him off, so were talking about it being David the problem to this dark energy and this weird fucking experience, well my friend the perfect timing looks up sees David in line, he was buying nothing, he was going to use there phone to call a ride because he had thought we left him. While in a 140UG LSD trip why or how could you accept your "best friends leaving you" while me and Travis talked about leaving his friendship and him being the problem. Okay so a few seconds later hops back into the car and goes casually "oh i thought you guys left me" well why would we leave you unless we figured out you were the problem that needed to be solved while me and Travis argued back in forth for 4 hours about how and what happened. That's when i realiized it, i wasn't going to continue my friendship with David. We drive around till 11 and finally drop David off, when he dips he says peace out but nothing really more after his 2 friends just went at eachother for 7-8 hours trying to get to the bottom of this, because WE ARE NOT about any dark negative energies or vibes and were truly MYSTIFIED on who and how they were let in. As soon as we drop him off, the car feels lighter, there is no more tension, it was like the problem was solved and The Universe showed us the truth in the craziest way. I look at Travis grab his hand and go dude there is no fucking way i'd ever let what today happen to you & David HAD TO OF LET IT IN because me and Travis have never fought or anything and we were battling eachother it was the grossest trip i've ever had. David left his strawberry meal bar open with ONE bite taken out of it, then casually leaves it in my friends backseat. It was like a sign he left the friendship and had known he brought the presence the entire time and thats why he was quiet all day. Don't tell me you don't have anything to say after taking pure L & when i asked him he goes "yeah i was morphing so it was a good day" like what the actual fuck.

I'm looking on reviews on how i'm suppose to percieve this situation, was David allowing the negative dark energy, was Travis or was it something completely out of control that non of us could of stopped. As of now i'm never tripping with David again and me and Travis will continue to spirtually connect and reach our higherselves without any tension or any problems, just peace, love, happiness, and God.

Tell me your thoughts, thank you.

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