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Level 1 Trip to "Kevin and Lindas"

First trip as well as report

Some Pre Report Clarifications: Firstly the majority of the people involved with this had little to no experience with mushrooms until this evening. Secondly because it is a fairly extensive report including several people I will be addressing the people involved with letters. There was myself, our sitter 'M', the guy who brought the shrooms 'F', and then our friends B, D, JD, S, L, K. This took place on a summer night at M's farm at approximately 8pm and went on until 3am.
The Beginning: This trip occurred around a year ago but the more that I think about it the more I believe that I should put it up on here, so here we go. The night began with 8 of us hanging out at a buddies place having a couple drinks when another friend of ours showed up with a surprise. A large bag containing approximately 2 ounces of dried mushrooms (all of our experience with mushrooms were pretty minimal at this point so I don't have any details on what type of cubes they were). The owner of the house decided he would be our 'sitter' while the seven of us proceeded to ingest these mushrooms, 7 of us ate approximately 6g each whilst our friend 'JD' ate the remaining 14 or so grams. Even as I type this now all I cant help but think that this sounds like a recipe for disaster.

The Come Up: It was around 8:30pm or so when we had ingested all of the shrooms and we were all more or less just sitting around bull shitting waiting for some sort of effects. It didn't take long and half of us were up walking around the house looking at shit while the other half were still seated in the living room bull shitting. All of a sudden I hear, "you guys come look at this gnome!" obviously everyone was thinking what the hell is L talking about, but we went to investigate. L and K were standing there looking at those poster hung above the stairs in awe. It was of a pretty basic woodland scene detailing trees and a forest, and then seated right in the middle of the poster was a gnome. The two of them went on to discuss about how he was just sitting there minding his own business, this got some serious laughs out of everyone and it was at that moment we all realized we had begun tripping. We didn't know it yet but that gnome was important, this little bastard would play a key role in the later portions of the evening.

Just Out for a Rip: Approximately another half hour or so had gone by at M's house and we all figured that we were tripping pretty hard, this was when M had the bright idea that we should all jump in our vehicles and go to some old abandoned house and fuck around there. No thought was given on the matter and before we knew it we were all packed into 3 trucks driving out to some house that M knew about nearby. I remember all of the dash lights and stereo lights looked so cool, changing colors and morphing into one another. At one point on the way there I wasn't quite perfectly comfortable in my seat when I realized I had been sitting on my sweater, no idea why but went ahead and chucked that fucker right out the window. We kept on driving until we arrived at the house, the drive felt like it went on for an hour (maybe 10 minutes tops). We all piled out and M led the way into this creepy looking house, at this point I'd heard stories regarding bad trips and thought how in the hell is this going to be any kind of fun. Once we got in we all kind of went our separate ways in and out of the house.

Kevin and Lindas: At this point time was completely distorted to the point that even looking back now I really have no idea how long we hung around this house for. As everyone went there own way I myself decided to go into the basement and check out what was down there, it was all dirt floor and walls with a bunch of really old appliances and a kind of cellar door to the outside. For some reason I felt almost as if I would have been more scared being down there if I hadn't been tripping out. I remember jumping out of the cellar and proceeding to re-enter the house, as I walked in I seen S and D essentially body slamming a wall persisting that there was a 'hidden room' that they had to find and go into. As I was about to start explaining that was bullshit D began yelling, "lets burn this motherfucker down!", not gonna lie at this point I was worried he was actually going to burn it down. The events at the house are a fog in my mind now but for some reason we came up with an elaborate back story for this abandoned house. 
                                        We said that this house had belonged to Kevin and Linda and their daughter Jesse and this what actually the condition that they kept the house whilst they were living there. At one point we even found this ridiculously old toy dog that we ended up naming Cooper and stated that it belonged to Jesse and this was the quality she received it in. As we were making this story our friend B came walking over to join in when he fell right through the floor! He was still on our level but partially hanging into the basement and he had the most frightened look on his face I think I had ever seen, we finally gathered ourselves and helped him up. We decided that after this point we had better go somewhere else in the house. As we walked into another section we seen L and decided to go talk to him, he began to go on some rant about how F was the devil and how we had to avoid him. This kind of worried me but we thought nothing of it and continued our shenanigans at Kevin and Linda's. Finally after I don't know how long we decided that we had best get out of here and return to M's and do something else.

The Shire: After the seemingly long drive back to M's we all piled back into the house, we were all tripping pretty good at this point especially JD. We all sat back in our original places from the very beginning of the night, JD was sitting in a chair in the corner with his pupils nearly taking up the entire colored portion of his eye. This portion of the evening is once again foggy but I'll do my best to piece this all together. M got up from his chair to go to his room and returned with about the most ridiculous looking hat on that I had ever seen. As we all laughed at this hat somebody said he looked like a gnome, at this point we all raced to go look at the gnome in the poster again. After seeing this our conversation somehow got stuck into the topic of gnomes and literally everything to do with them as well as simply the word itself. It must have been the peak of our trip because JD had not moved from that chair since we had arrived, and L was busy on the couch spooling off a massive fairytale which somehow we had all assumed parts in. There were gnomes and elves and at one point S even began calling K a leprechaun, this pissed K off quite a bit surprisingly to the point that he was contemplating brawling with S. Someone then out of the blue said to L that his story sounds like it came right out of the shire or something, we went crazy laughing making jokes that at the time seemed to be the funniest things we had ever heard. It was probably around 1am or so now and JD was still just sitting in that chair, the rest of us had taken the whole gnome and shire thing to an entirely new level. For some reason we had labelled a bottle of Jagmeister as the "Shire Brew" and were currently on the topic of Bignomial Gnomenclature, was a fucking gong show. I also remembered sipping on some mountain dew and calling it 'Elfin Dew', the things we were coming up with were so fucked but it was all hilarious and we just kept on going with it. Anyone ever hear the song 'Drop the Brohammer', probably listened to that around 15 times.

Coming Down: At this point JD had actually convinced he was ok to drive and so he took off back to his house. The coming down part of the evening was fantastic, we went through the giggly stage for what seemed like hours and hours. As everyone began going to sleep I remember L, K, S and myself all sitting around this lamp that we had previously put a red bulb into. We were talking about how the evening had gone and how much fun we were having, S had begun calling K leprechaun again and things began to get a little tense. Again I apologize for the lack of some details but the evening is a blur now, I remember S getting up to leave to go to bed and we all began laughing about how K had wanted to fight him. S then returned for a brief second to state, "when you guys fall asleep, I'm gonna murk all you fuckers". He then retired to bed, we were all wondering what in the fuck he was talking about but we thought nothing of it.  After a few more minutes of recollection of the evening we all retired to bed. 

Aftermath: The next day we all went over the evening together laughing and looking at all the objects we had taken an interest in previously. M's hat, the Shire Brew, turns out I had thrown the toy dog Cooper in the back of someones truck and we found that, and the poster of the gnome. After talking some more we came to the conclusion that it was actually L's sweater that I had thrown out the window and we had to go find that later in the day. We asked JD what in the hell had happened to him in that chair, it didn't seem like he really knew or wanted to overly talk about it so it must have been insane for him. All in all though we all agreed that we had had a great time and would definitely look at doing this again.

Apologies for the lack of detail in any of the sections but as I have previously stated and restated my memory of that evening a year ago is a tad blurry. I'm sure if I asked those involved to review this they would probably have a ton to add but heres what I remember, hope everyone enjoyed the read!

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