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First real trip

4g cubensis

I was not expecting what was about to happen. I've done mushrooms a couple times before but I had no idea what I was in for.
I'll try my best with the timing, as time was completely distorted.

1:45: Ate 4g

2:00: I can feel the mushrooms coming up and I become a little anxious. I was trying to get comfortable because I knew that this would hit be harder than any other mushroom trip I've had.

2:10: I'm feeling overwhelmed and extremely uncomfortable, the visuals start kicking in and when I close my eyes I can see 3d patterns. It felt as if I was in the middle of a room with weird curved patterns.

2:20-3:40: I'm in toy wonderland, it was amazing! It was just like a video game. All my fears were gone, I was so accepting. I decided to look at the ceiling and I could see the layers, and the floor looked and felt way closer than it should be. I'm on Skype with my friends, and I'm happy I had someone to talk to because I was losing touch with reality. I felt like I had to constantly keep talking to them and have them talking to me so I don't lose myself. I wanted to let myself go wherever the mushrooms wanted to take me but I couldn't. It was overwhelming, and scary. I wasn't sure what was real and what was fake, and if I was actually talking to my real friends or if I was talking to a fake entity. Most of the time when I would talk, it felt as if my brain was talking and I wasn't actually getting any words out of my mouth, and I proceeded to say "am I talking?". I kept telling them that I'm getting lost, and kept asking for them to yell out my name because it felt as if I was losing myself. I would feel as if I would swallow myself, or my tongue. I knew I had a body the whole time, but sometimes it just felt as if I swallowed it. I remember taking a sip of my drink and telling my friend "I think I just ate myself, oh, nevermind, I'm just thirsty". I went to brush my teeth and that was really weird. The water in my mouth just had this weird feeling to it. I kept trying to figure out how long I have been tripping, and I couldn't think straight so I eventually just gave up.

3:50: After about an hour of trying to go smoke a bowl, I finally got to it. I'm making my way down the hallway and everything seems as if it is waving at me. It wasn't an actual moving wave, but I could feel the energy of the objects and the wave. I went out on my balcony to do my thing, and I notice this tree. The tree was very happy, and I felt as if it was connecting with me. I talked to it for a bit, until it started dying. The entire trip was in waves, and right now the wave was dying and I was starting to phase back into reality, and I could tell because the tree was dying. I felt awful. I wanted the tree to live, I asked it to please hold on and not die. I've never bonded so much with nature. I felt one with the tree, and I had empathy for the tree. I thought to myself that the plant needed itself to stay, so I figured by smoking weed (a plant) that I would revive the tree. So, I take a hit, and the tree springs back up to life. I wasn't smoking the weed to get high anymore, I was smoking for the purpose of reviving the tree. I was very happy that I helped the tree, I looked at it and said "you're welcome" and went back inside. I felt proud, I knew that I couldn't have let that tree die, because that felt as if I was killing myself.

4:00-5:00: This is when I began to notice more visuals. My room felt like a dome, and it looked and felt really cool. My friend turned her camera on and her face started morphing, and her 2 eyes turned into 1 big eye, I just couldn't stop staring at it. The ceiling looked as if it was a rubix cube that you were trying to solve. I kept looking outside, and I wouldn't see any visuals, and I thought that was weird because I kept seeing them all around my room. 

5:30: I starting coming down, and I felt completely normal by 9.

Definitely the best trip I've had so far.

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