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160 Grams Fresh Tea

First and last level 5 experience. A must read!!

This is a little long but a great read!

I thought the cubes I had were weak. I ate 50 grams of them (small) fresh and just got a slight buzz. Later that week, I used 60 grams to make a tea and reached maybe a level 2 trip which was really fun and relaxing.

So a week past by and a long weekend finally came around. I made tea with 80 grams of (mature) fresh cubes, a tea bag, and a shot of lemon juice for my wife and I. My wife drank her tea first and settled down with a LMN movie while I made my tea. I drank mine down fast and wasn’t expecting much at all from it and around 45 minutes later, I just had a slight buzz as expected. This being a long weekend off from work, I wanted to really enjoy myself so I chopped up 80 more grams for another tea. I knew this was 16 grams but after all, they were weak shrooms right?? My wife told me to give it a little longer because she was feeling great. Of course, like a true man, I didn’t listen and drank down the 80 gram tea I had just made. I had drank two cups of tea made from 160 grams of fresh mature shrooms. This would equal 16 grams of dried shrooms...... What the hell was I thinking?

Her movie was going off so I grabbed the remote and started digging around through the channels when it hit me like a train. I felt a hot flash surge through my body and I went from buzz to level 4 in a matter of seconds. I thought to myself, now this is more like it. I usually just sit and chill when on shrooms but this time, I could not stop talking and could not sit still. My wife was laughing so hard at me that she was losing her breath. I remember thinking that this is the most fun I have ever had in my entire life. I felt like I weighed 20 pounds and when I moved, I just floated around. Every color was extremely vivid and everything I looked at seemed to move and flex. This went on for probably a few hours. If it had stayed like this, it would have been the best experience I have ever had.

If you have been on high doses of shrooms before, you will know that the weirdest shit can put you on the unchanging path to a bad trip. That’s why it is so important to plan every detail out ahead of time but these were weak shrooms right?? My wife had been playing with Bruce, our gerbil, which was not a good idea in our current state. She left the cage unlocked and of course, he set out on an adventure that would change his life forever. I was still floating around saying damn I need to shut up, I can’t stop talking when something in the kitchen caught my eye. It was Bruce munching down on a shroom cap that I had dropped in the floor while making the tea. We both freaked out, worried that little Bruce would die from eating the shroom. We caught him, put him back in his cage and observed him for awhile. After a few minutes, he was staggering around with his ears layed back and his eyes really wide. He would climb up in his wheel, then change his mind and go back to his chew toy. I knew he was tripping his little ass off and would be fine but my wife started crying which put us both on the “bad trip” path.

She decided to go to bed but there was no way on earth I could even sit down much less try to go to sleep. This is where my level 5 trip started. Looking back now, I think talking to her kept me in check with reality and could have been my bodies’ only defense against the massive dose of shrooms I had taken a couple hours earlier.  I tried to watch TV but it made absolutely no sense to me at all and even if it would have, I couldn’t hold my attention on it for longer than a few seconds. The remote was way too complicated to try to figure out anyway so I decided to go check on Bruce. I went down the hallway and into the dark room where his cage is. The dark was so amazing to me. I could see millions of bright orbs of colors and some of them would explode like fireworks into a million more orbs. Some were bright white circles with thousands of spikes sticking out of them that would shrink down to nothing and then reform again. Bruce(the gerbil) must have seen them too because he was just sitting there staring into the dark. I decided I would just stay there, chill with Bruce and watch the light show. I could make out the carpet through the dark. It was flowing like water and seemed to almost ripple when I touched it. While doing this I noticed my hand and didn’t recognize it at all. It was like I had never seen it before and it startled me that I had this attached to the being I knew I was at the time. At this point, I completely lost the ability to move. I sit and thought hard about who or what I was. I knew I was in a strange place that I had never been before but I was sitting in my home of 10 years. After awhile of trying to figure this out, a tiny thought of reality came through my mind and I remembered I had done some shrooms earlier and that I was just high. This is where it got really confusing. I tried to think about what it meant to be high but I couldn’t remember what it was like to be sober because I couldn’t remember who or what I was. I tried to think about drinking tequila and the high that it gives you but I convinced myself that it wasn’t true and I was just making it up to try to change the reality I was in at the time. I thought to myself, there is no way that the liquid in the cabinet could make you feel any different if you drank it. It was like this was reality and my memories were just pieces of dreams that were running through my mind. I finally decided this is just the way it is and I’m going to enjoy it, whatever it is.

Bruce must have been wondering why the hell his tail kept following him around because he suddenly jumped on the side of his cage and scared the living shit right out of me. It kind of snapped me back a little bit because I was finally able to move again. I got up out of the floor and staggered to the bathroom. It took me awhile to find it in this strange place. I looked in the mirror and it looked like a picture of someone I knew from the past. I honestly did not recognize my reflection. I closed my eyes and I couldn’t tell if they were open or closed. I could see millions of colors, shapes and bright orbs either way. It felt like my face was wet and I realized I was slobbering because my mouth wouldn’t work. I finally got the water on and splashed my face. I could feel the wetness but the temperature had no meaning at all. I made my way over and took a leak. For the first time in hours, it finally dawned on me that I was a person and was extremely fucked up. I tried to think of familiar things in my life to try to remember what it was like to be me earlier that day before I drank shroom tea . This is the strangest feeling I have ever had in my life. I could not remember what I was like. Trying to think about a personality was way too confusing at that moment so I tried looking at the pictures hanging on the walls and remembering the day we took them. I looked at my guitar and other objects throughout the house. Some just looked like a jumbled up mess and others had memories tied to them. After what seemed like forever, I was able to get myself calmed down and headed back toward reality. I walked toward the kitchen and noticed I had something in my hand, it was a Glade Plug-in air freshener. I still don’t know how the hell I ended up carrying it around but I tossed it and washed my hands. The water looked like it was flowing in slow motion and was silver like mercury. When I put my hands under it, I couldn’t really feel it but I got a strong sweet taste in my mouth that seemed to turn salty the longer I held my hands under the water. I started to feel a little sick by this so I decided to try to lay down on the bed. My wife woke up and asked if I was alright. I tried to tell her what had happened but I couldn’t put sentences together so I just told her I was ok and I loved her. I left the lamp on because the dark was just too bright with all of the colors I was seeing. I laid there for what seemed like hours trying to figure out what I had experienced. I looked at the clock and I had been tripping for seven hours. I was totally exhausted to say the least. I could still see some of the colors while I was trying to go to sleep and I could actually see faint orbs the next day.

I have learned to respect mushrooms to the fullest extent. Even if they seem weak at first, trust me, they are not. I will make more tea eventually but I will never go this far down the rabbit hole again.

Thanks for reading!

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