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Above the River

My friend, shall we call him Bee, stopped by my house on his way back to summer school.

My friend, shall we call him Bee, stopped by my house on his way back to summer school. I decided to catch a ride with him cause my friend Cee was coming back my way in 2 days. Sooooo....

The morning after i arrived, Cee made me a peanut butter and honey sandwich and when after several bites something stabbed me in the cheek, it was a hard stem and Cee then informed me of the "special extra contents" of the sandwich. i smiled and gladly ate the rest, as she did hers.
No one else knew of our breakfast.

The kids in her apartment decided to go to a park to play volleyball. I am quite pale and we had no sunblock, so immediatly the suns rays were killing me and i was panicking. i looked at the sun and then a few thick rays of light shot down to grass, ahhh!
Cee stayed to play volley ball, but Bee and I drove off to smoke an L. He took me to some obscure nature park. The herb calmed me down a bit. Out of the window i saw an enchanting forest scene, so i opened the car door to walk over there and the instant i stepped out, i stepped in an old pile of cow shit. Sick! and everywhere i looked there was this cow shit. But alas i was already in the shit so i took a look at it and it was full of life. tehre were all sorts of critters gaining nutrition from the manure. it was comforting to know that good can come from bad.
So i wipe my foot on the grass and we head back to Cees place.

Cee was out in the hall in her apartment in a complete daze. She lost all communication skills. We were so happy to see each other, it had been over an hour. I rolled aorund on my skateboard while she danced in circles and then everyone left to get a slurpee from 7-11. I stayed behind and threw on some ltj bukem from the 'earth' series. i laid down with my eyes closed and basicaly watched a fun array of lines shapes and colors for a while.

Anyways, when they came back, Cee, Bee and I went down to the river where tehre was an old train bridge like 80 feet high. we scaled this funky hill with old concrete and bunker like terrain. i was scared but we finally made it to the top. We grapped loads full of rocks to throw down in the river. Bee dropped about bunch down about 10 feet next to some fisherman and he shouted up at us but fuck it, Bee was sober it wasnt my fault. Me and Cee were mesmerized by the flowing water beneath and dropped rock after rock for about 30 minutes. I wanted to swan dive off the bridge but it was only 3 feet deep down below. As we left all the fisherman cursed us for scaring all the fish away but gladly because let the fish swim in peace. We carefully descend down the hill and go back to Cees place to throw on some drum and bass and then dance for an hour. We are dead worn out so we pass out watching Aladdin 2.
Quite a fun day.

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