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First Time Intense Trip


First Time Trip on 25C-NBOMe

I don't know if this is the right place to post this but I will anyway lol
Also this is my first time posting so sorry if there is anything wrong with it

Well I had recently bought 3 tabs of "LSD" (where in Plantation Florida it is very rare) and was very excited for school
to end so I could take one for the first time. Finally school ended at 3pm and I waited for after the city bus dropped me
off at a friends house in fear that it would kick in and I would miss my stop lol. Well as soon as I stepped off the bus
I placed the tab on my tongue and felt a really bitter taste that numbed it for some time.I didn't know it wasn't true acid 
until some friends said it wasn't supposed to numb my tongue or taste bitter.The day after I confronted the dealer and he
admitted it was 25C-NBOMe. Well regardless, as I waited about 30 min for my friend I felt it kicking in. Colors were 
slightly altered, purple and orange colors seemed to appear in my field of vision, and my body felt a little weird. My
friend came soon and we began walking when I told him I dropped acid. He was pretty chill about it and we
walked towards a park. From this point on the soccer fields in the park were flowing or moving like a green/brown pool 
and the clouds and sky looked like a cartoon coming in closer to me. We finally sat down on a bench about an hour in and
I felt it really kicking in this time. I was left mesmerized at the lake in front of us. Flocks of birds flying in the sky
felt as if they were putting on a show for me and Purple colors began dominating most others. We sat down and waited for 2
other friends (who were really high on herbs). They came and we told them I was just really high as well because I didn't want them knowing.
From there all 4 of us were still sitting on the bench and my mind traveled far somewhere else. This was the most intense part of 
the trip. My whole field of vision seemed like a million individual pixels made from images of my past, like a collage,
and I felt as if I could pick whichever pixel I desired and relive that memory for a few seconds. Afterwards I was left
so confused at what my mind was thinking and speculating. I thought my life was this now, pure confusion and the feeling
of having no emotions. I came to the conclusion that I had to let go of everything and everyone I loved in order to
survive this mind fucking. I had to be open minded to everything. I had no biases and religion meant very little in the 
state of mind I was in. I had so many epiphanies that I couldn't describe them all to others without sounding like a complete dumb ass.
My friends said they saw cops coming and I became paranoid and thought the black and white ducks coming towards us where
cops and freaked out until I realized they were just small ducks just chillen lol. I thought a whole year passed in
which it was only about 2 hours of mind fucking and complete silence between me and my friends. I just couldn't talk, I 
would horribly slur and mess up my words if I tried. People jogging by faces would look like aliens and I thought they were
all speaking different languages like Chinese or some other language, but my friends told me they were speaking English
lol. Then my 2 other friends left and I felt like a part of my body was left ripped out by the absence of their
presence. We soon left to go inside my friends house and I was paranoid about greeting his parents how I usually do when
I come over. Well I pulled it off really slickly, quite easy actually. His mother never suspected anything and I continued
to go inside his room. Inside his room was a huge mirror and I was left perplexed at my reflection. For some reason I felt
like I was wearing a borrowed meat suite of some kind and did not recognize myself. I kept repeating my name in front of
the mirror to see if it brought any type of significance, but nothing. A little later and I started to come down and spent 
the rest of my time playing black ops 2, buh, even in the game I saw spinning patterns and altered colors. The rest of the
trip was just some visuals(spinning patterns, distorted shapes, colors, faces, and tracers). And yea that's basically it. whole
trip lasted about 9 hours I would say, and the real trippy part lasted about 4-5 hours.
I would like to hear about someone elses 25C-NBOMe trip just for my curiosity. It was definitely a fun trip, not 
disappointing at all since it was the very  first hallucinogen I took, but I will definitely be looking for real LSD very soon.
Thanks for reading

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