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First Salvia Trip

Ripped apart by time

I picked up some salvia 20x yesterday and was skeptical about it because i read that a lot of salvia from smoke shops are a lot of time bunk. I've done heroic dosages of shrooms before so i thought that salvia would be nothing compared to that so i was feeling cocky and thought i could handle any psychedelic out there. The only issue i had was that I didn't have a bong with me so i made a pretty good one with a water bottle with a carb, a pen as the downstem and a socket wrench as the bowl (all airtight) , packed it relatively tight with the salvia leaves and then torched the whole bowl. I held it in for 20 seconds and then before i even exhaled i felt myself getting very, very heavy and then it kicked in so fast i didn't even remember that i smoked anything. I was listening to Tool on my phone with headphones but it quickly began to sound distorted and i didn't like it but i didn't know how to turn the music off, that's when the weirdness started to happen. My body was being disassembled horizontally beginning at my face and then moving down my body, i started to panic and i tried putting myself back together but i couldn't find some of the missing pieces. The limbs that were already disconnected from my body started sinking into my bed and then after a minute or two of that i tried fighting it and i jumped up and noticed i was still holding my phone, with Tool still playing, I tried letting go of the phone but i couldn't, it felt like it was glued to me and it was part of my being and i was starting to become the phone and i was essentially holding myself. The phone felt really heavy, like it was weighing me down, then eventually i dropped it and that's when i started to get really hot, i took off my socks and started rolling around trying to cool off and then i started to have a bit of anxiety. I felt like there were people in my house and i started calling for them but no one answered and i assumed they were mad at me. There was no one in my house and then my anxiety started to get worse until eventually i realized that i wasn't only alone in the house but in my life in general, i took it as a message from the salvia, and that's when everything started to make sense and i realized i was tripping on it. Then I closed my eyes and started traveling through some kind of vortex, at this point all negative feelings subsided and i began to enjoy the trip. It was as if nothing else existed except for this vortex i was traveling through, my body, the world, nothing existed. It was bliss. After a few minutes of laying on my bed like a vegetable i came back to reality, relieved that i wasn't stuck like that and realized that salvia was not a psychedelic to take lightly. It was an interesting experience and i will definitely do it again some day, hopefully it will be a better experience than this, not that this was a bad one, but it had its ups and downs. The whole experience lasted less than 10 minutes.

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