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I have a low tolerance

My genetics don't accept hallucinogens well.

So this summer me and two of my best friends had one of their houses open for the weekend. We thought that this would be the ideal time to do shrooms. We each bought 3 g's, I don't know if the caps have more psilocybin or not but I had the most caps in my bag. We got a little cesears pizza and layered our shrooms on it and jammed out. The first thirty minutes went by uneventfully. My friends little brother came in and we told him that if we were acting funny it was because we'd tried shrooms. He stayed in the room with us and we talked for a little bit. I've always been the one to react violently to any substance be it weed, alcohol, or in this case shrooms. My body just processes things faster than most people. The lights started changing and I got a bad case of the giggles. We went up to get a drink in the kitchen and I started laughing. Full out couldn't stop. It hurt I was laughing so hard. I leaned on the counter and gripped it. Everything went green and started to wiggle slightly. This was about 45 minutes in so I knew it was far from over. When everything turned green I flexed and broke my friends counter by ripping it up off the cupboard. Everyone yelled at me but I fixed it and we all headed back downstairs. They all started talking again because it hadn't hit them yet and the brother wanted to know if I'd be okay and if it was alright to screw with me. While they did that I started to trip hard. I remembered a scene from the crow where he shoots his hand and it grows back. I lifted my hand up and a hole appeared and I screamed. They all stared at me and then I bolted, I flew out the door and up the stairs but the lock confused me giving them enough time to sprint up and tackle me. This was about the time it started getting really bad. we got to the bottom of the stairs with them carrying me and the brother was poking me. He heard me mumble somethin about blood and he asked if it was somewhere. I looked at the walls and they started oozing blood. I squirmed free and started licking the walls to get rid of it. They started tripping at this point and left me alone with the brother to watch me. I stumbled into the tv room and sat down on the floor giggling and rocking with the occasional scream. My vision started clouding over at this point and all I saw was colors and symbols and shapes. I don't remember much but snippets of time when my vision would clear. one point I was in my underwear covered in the wires behind the tv, thrashing to free myself. Another point I puked and my friend drug me into the bathroom and closed me in the shower so I could calm down. They tried to give me benedril to make me sleep but I kept spitting it out. After abit I walked back to the bedroom and layed down. I saw what I thought to be satan talking to the Jimi Hendrix poster on the wall and I listened to them for awhile. Then Jimi started talking to me and I assumed I was Satan now. I was satan and I was God. I was everything and it hurt my mind to think. My friends told me that I had a few more freakouts that I don't remember and I ended up destroying my friends night stand and smashing a cup of water and getting it everywhere. They let me wind down by locking the basement door and sitting on the patio where they could still here me. I sobered up fast. I sat up on the bed in the darkness and realized where I was and what all I had done and I felt like a worthless piece of shit. I have never hated myself that much before that night. I went and took a shower and tried to clean up some of the mess I had made. I put on some clean pajama pants my friend had and went outside. The night ended with them forcing me to go to bed because they were scared I was going to freak out again if I didn't . I plan on doing more sometime soon but I'm only going to do 2 g's and I'm going to be somewhere safer. 

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