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Time traveling and opening the door to nothingness

5.2g GDL P. Cubensis

Substance / Amount

P. Cubensis from Guadalajara, Mexico. A close friend gave me a couple of spore syringes and I grew these with my wife. These shrooms were originally collected from the wild by other friend, who made a print and then a bulk tray growth. From that growth, my close friend gave me the spores for my own growth.

Took 5.06 grams dry and then I also ate one small shroom from my FC that just had the cap opened (just to taste it.) I did not weight it, but it was about 5-6grams. So it could total about 5.2 dry.

My wife tripped for her first time. Initially she was going to eat 2 grams, but she left the biggest shroom for last (0.63g) and she could not eat it due the taste, and she getting a bit afraid. Despite her low amount, she had a level 5 trip, we were in the same realm.


At home. We stayed the whole time in the bedroom. When the trip started, we got ourselves into bed. We were in darkness.


Had a decent breakfast and then we had a snack about 3 hours before eating the shooms. We ate them with a glass of OJ. My poor wife had half bottle of OJ to deal with the taste. I can tolerate it.

Come up

Wife had a bit of upset stomach. This was due the stress and anticipation of the first trip, as this happened to her before even eating the shrooms, but just that, upset stomach. I was fine, no effects.
Wife started to have visuals before than me, it was hard to focus her sight and she started to see wavy stuff. She asked me for feedback but I was still coming up. After a while, I noticed my mind going insane and my body feeling very heavy. Same feeling for my wife. At this point, we got in bed.


We were listening to some tunes in the radio. It was very nice music so it was very nice to enjoy and chill. As we were getting deeper, the music started to sound more metallic and like from the distance, like my wife's cell phone was very far. I decided that for once I was not going to miss to record a trip, so I went to my living room and grabbed my phone. My phone felt weird in my hands and when I turned the screen on I felt like if I had no idea what to do with it, my phone felt almost unknown to me. However, I was able to start to record it and to connected it to the charger.

After a while, I told my wife to turn the music off.

I could share the whole trip, everything we spoke about, but that will make this a pain to read. To make this quick and not painful I will just state that we experience heavy time alteration. It felt like months, like a whole eternity passed during the trip. My wife would share with me that it felt to her like if she was waking up from a dream, like if she was reborn again. She was able to see more clearly (and so I was) with her eyes closed, focusing on her minds eye.

We were flying through space, going to the Pleiades and just staying in the middle of nowhere, in the here and now. We both felt eternal bliss, we even forgot we had a body anymore. My wife was saying that she believed she did not have a body, that she was just light, consciousness. She would say that on all her memories, we were together, but that I was nothing, I had no body, like I was only light, I was there... in form of energy.

We tapped into the Akashic Records (I am a Psychic Medium for a living) and told my wife that she could access all the information she wanted. She was able to see one of her past life in Egypt, pretty cool and amazing.

We also connected with my deceased grandfather, I taught my wife how to speak with those who have crossed over and I asked her to tell my grandpa to give her something he used to give to be. She was spot on in telling me what it was (and I never told her that.) She was able to see that she has psychic abilities as well and that her third eye was just clouded out of the crap from this world and system we are confined into.

We connected with my wife's mom and two dogs of mine (all in Spirit) and it was a loving experience.

We had to go to the bathroom a couple times. We both had to go together because is like we would get lost if we did not go together. Everything felt giant and we felt so small. All we wanted to do was to get in bed and let go again, the outer world did not feel safe.

Laughter was present all the time, we could just feel eternal bliss. Some outside noises started to make us laugh harder and some dogs on the distance started to fight making a lot of noise, giving us laughter. We would stare at our hands and see the huge amount of energy around them. We would touch our feet and realize how strange it felt.

I am sure I am forgetting a ton of stuff (I will listen to the recording soon.) But it was amazing, mind blowing and eternal bliss. Nothing mattered anymore, just the fact we are together and in bliss. We even said things at the same time, so we had telepathy.

Come down

As usual, my come downs are no bother for me. I slowly allow myself to be dragged back to this world of limitations.

My wife on the other hand experienced some anxiety. Her brain was trying to analyze everything and she started to sweat hard. She was saying, "I am done, I want this to end. My brain is trying to find a reason, I do not like it... I want to finish." I told her to focus on me, on my energy and to let go, to focus on my calming voice. That helped her to come down easier.

We went for a small walk around the block. Some retarded with a tiny penis and a huge car engine decided to hit the gas hard to feel good with himself (I guess...) and he made a lot of noise, disturbing me because I was not completely sober. We had some dinner and relaxed in the living room until we went to bed.

Trip rebound?

This was something weird that happened to me. When we went to bed, it was like 7 hours after eating the shrooms. My vision was back to normal and everything, but as I closed my eyes in bed, my mind started going crazy and it was like I was tripping again. I had no visuals, my body felt normal and I event stood up and I was sober, but I was able to get lost in my toughts and I would experience some time distortion... very curious about this.

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