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Above the Clouds

This was my second time doing shrooms, the first time someone interupted me from my trans and we had a long conversation which i dont remember what i said, but i remember it was good stuff.

This was my second time doing shrooms, the first time someone interupted me from my trans and we had a long conversation which i dont remember what i said, but i remember it was good stuff. on to my adventure...

i was waiting for my shrooms partically all day, cuz someone didnt get them till really late. I went over to my friends place and got my shrooms, divided an 8th in half and then smoked out a little, in the first bowl we put part of the cap of my friend's shrooms in. After we finished the first bowl, i just ate my shrooms. Everyone says they taste bad, but to me, they tasted like pistacios or something. Anyways, i decided i needed to get home before the shrooms started to kick in, because i know exactly what i wanted to do. So i got home a bit high from the weed. I was talking to my brother online and then my body started feeling kind of like jello. So i went a layed down in my bed because i knew the shrooms were kicking in already. So i got up about 10 minutes later, and was talking to my brother and a couple other friends and the screen started to brighten like crazy and i saw weird things on the screen, it almost looked like liquid. So i turned to music on, it was around 3 am so i left it on low but that didnt matter. I put around 5 songs in my playlist, some chill ambient break beats, and some trance. I found the lightest looking picture on my harddrive, it was two people from like a prom picture but the backround was white and they were both wearing white. My room is set up with the computer at one corner of the room and my bed at the other corner, so i went in bed with the rest of the lights off, and was lying down at the corner of the bed, so i could see two walls. All of a sudden, the walls seemed like glass windows and stuff that was on the walls looked like some sort of building. As i was looking at the corner of the ceiling,the music was stimulating me really nicely and i felt as if i was flying. The ceiling was coming closer, and i was reaching for it, almost touching it. At this point, lights were flashing up the walls i was looking at (the two walls connected at the corner, and a little bit fo the wall was all i could see). I was flying to the ceiling with racing lights all over the walls. It was very euphoric with each song giving me a different euphoric feeling. I looked out across the ceiling and the ceiling was like some sort of the 3d object coming down, and it looked like clouds with a city below it. I could control the clouds and make them go in which ever direction i wanted. It was really awesome. After a while of this, i started to see silhoettes flying on the ceiling. And then there was an object in front of my face, which i could see the outline of it flashing. not the whole outline, but like the outline flashign at different points. After a whiel of this, i got some sort of red picture on put it on the screen, then i went back in bed. This part was scary because i started seeing outlines of demons and what have you, and the lights on the walls which i described earlier seemed demonic to me. So i changed thes creen back, and i went outside to have a cigarette. i was outside looking up at the stars, and i saw some sort of clouds too, but i wasnt sure fi they were really there, i was making them move around and stuff. Then i thought i was going to fly into the sky, as the stars started to get closer to me. But my cigarette was done and i was really cold, so i headed back inside, and made a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and went back in bed. It tasted great, but then i finsihed, and this one song, junk project - composure (original mix), i was listening to, and i closed my eyes or something, and then i felt as if i was being lifted off my bed, and this feelign that it gave me, was the best feeling of the whole trip. So anyways, after that, i kept on repeating wat i was doing before (looking at the cloudy ceiling and at the corner of the ceiling). Then i went to my comptuer and turned on this screen saver called giess. THis was nothing compared to the ceiling for soem reason, i have no idea why, but i think because i cant control the screen saver, the way i could the ceiling and whatever else i was doing, so after a few minutes, i decided the screensaver was bull shit, turned it off, and igot that white picture again, went back in my bed and looked at the ceiling and what have you. It seemed like this was going on forever, it was about 6 or 7 am when i looked at the clock, and after this i am not quite sure what happened, because i just went back in my bed, and was staring at the ceiling, with the music still on. I dont think i went to sleep but i am not sure. I got out of my bed around 12:50 and was sad that all thsoe visuals were gone. But anyways, next time im gonna have to eat some more shrooms, definitly more than half and 8th. and thats it

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