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Blue Meanies .5 grams

panaeolus cyanesens

First off, I want to say I'm a nubie to shrooms. 

Found a cow field near me and went hunting for anything coming out of cow shit. Cubes are supposivly the most popular here in Florida, and I studied what they looked like. What I found was somthing different. They were growing in the dung but were white with skinny stems. I picked them anyways and noticed they were bruising blue to almost black when handled. Looked them up on the web and matched them to PANAEOLUS CYANESENS. :) This site stated they were more powerful than cubes.

Used the dosage calculator for a level 1 low dose. I just picked and dried them a few days prior to taking them. Took .5 grams as the calculator suggested .45 grams for level 1.

Well, a hour and a half after taking, I felt like it was just lingering and not kicking in. I felt a little strange like it was trying to break through but wouldn't. So I figured I didn't take enough and proceeded to smoke some really good lemon skunk I had to see if it would kick it in.

Well it kicked in, as I was exhaling my 3rd or 4th hit. MAN, it had been a long time sinced I tripped, I almost forgot how supprising it is once it hits.

I see why they call these (blue meanies), they are wicked for such a small amount. I was tripping really good. I didn't get shit for visuals, only about a 3 hr mind fuck. Seemed to just get crazy thoughts, and my hearing was screwing me. Kept hearing weird shit that I couldn't tell if it was legit or I was fucked up.

I forgot about the waves that come and go when tripping. I had a good 3-4 fairly intense ones. I did shrooms only once before, maybe 1.5 grams of probably cubes that I bought. On the first time I had a heavy body buzz and was seeing purple dots or pixels floating around. This time I didn't get any intense colors standing out. I was disappointed I didn't really get any color visuals. Seemed to be real clear but distorted.

Was kind of dark, I didn't get giddy at all. Everything was too serious, and even music sounded like shit. Even pink floyd sounded horrible. Probably was just my shitty set and setting.

Going to step it up to 1 gram next time to see how a level 2 is. I'm to chicken shit to do a heroic dose, for fear of it getting way to intense. However I've listened to a lot of Mckenna lately, and he I believe said ,low doses can be worse due to the struggling  and resisting of the ego. Higher doses supposivly there is no escape.

Thanks for reading.......

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