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first time 3.5

hell of a night

Okay where to start... It was a sunday night and i been trying to get shrooms for a while but they never are really around my town. So when i finally was able to get some i was ver very very happy. So i got the eight around 8pm and started to shove them down my mouth  right away. I always hear how you never should trip by yourself and all but i wanted to trip alllllll alone for a better trip i feel like you completely are by touself and its just you and your mind hell of a time.

So let me get into this trip, it was about 9oclock when i started to feel some type of happiness throughout my whole body something thats never happend before i could hear music so clear like my ears where some type of new device that makes sound sooooo clear. so at this point im starting to realize its about to begin so i turn the tv off close my laptop and put in my earbuds and start to listing to the album indicud by kid cudi which is a freaking awesome album to trip to. so im laying on my bed seeing the wall change colors so many colors i never seen so many at once and then im thinking to myself holy shit dude im tripping hard af! started to scare myself but i was able to just chill and start to enjoy the trip.

So alot of things i cant remember perfect but one of the first visions i saw was somesort of pretty lady on my wall blowing kisses and she seemed so happy to see me like i seen her before, weird i kno lol i was just soaking everything in.  So i continued to lay on my bed for a while while things where flying all over my room and colors where blasting off my tv cause i left the cable box off and the tv was just a blue screen  actually was a good idea. 

So after i wanna say 2 hours of being in my room i had to pee so i got the balls to open my door and walk down the little hallway to the bathroom which where it all went bad lol. so i did my business and  ended up looking at the mirror for like 30 mins i was just amazed by what i looked like it was like seeing my self for the first time it was reallllllllllllly weird. It was almost like i was introduced to my other body lol . So here's where i almost lost it lol i saw that my sister light was on so i peaked my head in ( she knew i was getting them but didnt know i was going to eat them that night) and she just got back from the bar she toke one look at me and got like a worried look on her face which freaked my the fuck out i went back to my room and started to think im never gonna stop tripping omg what did i do i kept thinking WHICH IS A VERY BAD IDEA to do. i wanted the trip to end so bad i started to fight it and was trying to force my self to sleep.

which is where i forget most of the trip from there own besides 2 things that i remember perfect. At some point i guess i opened my door and the hallway to my bathroom was a dam river with paterns and numbers it was nuts, i closed the door and forget what happend next lol . and the last image i remember is opening my eyes while laying on my bed and seeing the third eye like a million times in rows of 3 and almost like it was never ending but not forever going lol sorry its almost to describe a trip in human words lol 

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