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First shroom trip 6.5g

Less than expected

Last night I decided to buy a bag of mushrooms. Got a half ounce. Got back to my friends (m) house an weighed out all of our doses. I weighed out 3G of dried psilocybe cubensis mushrooms and at them all at 8:30 then drank a glass of orange juice. We relaxed and smoked a couple bowls while we waited for our trips to start. An hour later still didn't feel the mushrooms and had to go home, don't have my own car so I called my mom and asked for a ride. When I got in the car I immediately started getting a rushing euphoria in my chest as I felt the mushrooms taking action. I saw beautiful designs on the windshield and street. When I got home I decided to watch a movie. I watched the dictator and sometimes people's faces melted and warped. Once the movie was over I went down stairs. The visuals at this point were similar to a Van Gogh painting with those windy brush strokes. At this point it was 11:30 and I went into my room and ate another ~3.5g. Within 30 minutes I could feel my trip escalating and the walls swirled around me like an ocean. This is where the spiritual part of my trip began. The walls continued swirling until they disappeared and everything was white. At this moment I had this epiphany-like realization. I realized that time goes on no matter what, and we are nothing compared to the millions of years that came before and after our lives. And we weren't put here to imagine complicated social constructs, but instead to love and enjoy the beauty of life. Because nothing is more precious than the time that we have on this earth, so love and prosper for every moment and live for the beauty that inevitably lies in the future.  

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